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I became a parent in November 2009 and, as the cliché goes, my world turned upside down. PHP posts turned to pregnancy, midnight gaming turned to midnight (and 1am, and 2am, and ...) feeds. Here lies documented tales of poop, boobs, toddler tantrums and the nitty gritty that goes with being Mum.

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Deja Vu

Message on the answer phone: “Miss Turner, we’ve had the results of your blood test back and your iron is low. Please ring your doctor to collect some iron tablets.” How about no. How about stick it up your arse. I’m not going through the…

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Queen of the Potty

Isabel has shown a vague interest in the potty on and off for… oh, ages. We had a potty around the house from quite early on, both to normalise the whole peeing-in-a-pot thing and because when she was still actively stool withholding I needed something…

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Little Holiday

We spent last week in North Wales in a posh central-heated caravan; our last holiday as just the 3 of us (although we went with Karl’s mum). Lovely to get away from the stress of work — don’t get me started — and housework etc.…

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The Daycare Dilemma

By which I obviously mean nursery, but that doesn’t sound as alliteration-y. All being well, I finish work to start my maternity leave for beansprout on the 24th May. The first week or so is holiday allowance, weekends and bank holiday which should tide me…

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Nothing quite like being woken up by a sopping wet toddler at just gone 5am because of an epic nappy failure. We’ve been using close parent pop-ins (old style) with the dri-night booster overnight for some time, and had up until this point been full…

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Every morning

Isabel: More sugar puffs please Me: Are you sure you want more sugar puffs? Isabel: yeh Me: Was that a yes? Isabel: YESSSS Me: OK, of course you can have more {gives the cereal} Isabel: no like it, want weetabix

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