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I, err, wasn’t going to post about this for a while… but given that I’ve gone into hibernation mostly and people are questioning wtf I’m doing with myself these days, I might as well.

I’m pregnant (bundle of cells currently cheesily-nicknamed Beansprout, thanks Katy) — currently 9 weeks 1 day &#8212 due 2nd June 2012. The good news is that the hyperemesis has not returned. The bad news is I have just regular morning sickness/nausea, which is still fairly gross and exhausting. I’ve been going to bed at 7pm just so that I make it through the next day without crashing in a tired heap. It doesn’t help that I have a cold/cough, which as you can probably imagine, is not conducive to keeping food down.

So anyway, there you go. Scan pics as and when they happen, should everything stick around.

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  1. Clem said:

    Yay, congratulations! I’m glad things are better this time around. Beansprout is such a cute nickname. :D And June is totally the best month to be born in. ;)

  2. Julie said:

    Yay! :D

    I actually learned it by reading Ling’s post in the Random Thread on Snark…That’s TWO things she spoiled today, evil woman.

    Anyway, congratulations! I hope this pregnancy will be easier than the first. :)

  3. Kristine said:

    HOLLLY sHIZZZ, JEM! This is great news – congratulations on the new upcoming addition to the growing family. Izz will be a great big sis. (And I’m glad I came here first to read the news and not be spoiled by the posts on Snark! :-P)

  4. Amanda said:

    OMG congratulations! I know it’s something you guys have been thinking about for a while – I’m very excited for you!

  5. Mumblies said:

    :o) cough cough toldya so :P

    Sarky comments aside – I’m chuffed for you both, hope the ickyness and snot goes soon.

  6. Adrianne said:

    Congrats Jem! Now we’re expecting more news about your little geniuses when you get the opportunity to share with us. Regards to you, Karl, Isabel, everyone else in your family. May you have all the blessings by the time #2 joins us in our little world hehe. :)

  7. Nina Amelia said:

    HOLY FUCK CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I totally missed this! This is also pretty awesome shit since we’re not that far apart :D
    Sorry for all the swearing but that’s what happens when I get really exited!