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NinjaLinks Update: Version 1.1

As a distraction from working on my own site, cssbake, and all of the other projects I’m way overdue on, I’ve done a huuuuge round of bug-fixes on NinjaLinks. Version 1.1 is now available to download. Overview of fixes Key: ‘M’ minor changes – aesthetic…

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In Which I Poke Fun at Apple

Mactards. Everyone knows one. They’re not just using an Apple Mac because hey, they just like ’em, they actually think it’s a way of life. They think that because their technology is preceeded by the letter “i”, they are somehow superior. Their operating system doesn’t…

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Common Myths About Microsoft Windows

As a web developer and general computer geek, I frequently find myself involved in discussions with other devs, designers and power-users over what operating system they’re using. I find myself in a minority, being a Microsft Windows user by choice. This isn’t inherently bad, especially…

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BellaBlocks Beta etc

Just a minor update… the beta of BellaBlocks went out tonight for some private beta testing. Oh, and Rise of Nations worked in Wine but was dead slow. Gave up in the end, trying a VM. Ubuntu is pissing me off again. I swear I’m…

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T-Shirts I Really Really Want

Due to the unfavourable exchange rate I’ve not bought a geek t-shirt in… quite a while. I try not to think about it too hard, else I might weep. To save myself the time and frustration of having to re-search (not research) for funny t-shirts…

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Misc Computery Babblings

Anyone following me on twitter may have since my minor temper tantrum in which I threatened violence towards my laptop on the 5th. Rest assured, I managed to get through the evening without beating it — or Karl — up, but it was a close…

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