Earning More Bells in Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City (City Folk)

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Now that you’ve read my first guide on earning bells in Animal Crossing, you’re probably ready to experiment with making bells in a few other ways? Note: parts of this guide are specifically for Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City (City Folk) and may not work in other Animal Crossing games.

A Spot of Beachcombing

In all of the Animal Crossing games, bells (money) can be made by scouring the beach for the shells. Although the majority of the shells are low-value, the more often you collect them, the more likely you are to happen across a valuable shell like the Pearl Oyster (see bell values below) or perhaps even a washed up coconut. Cocunuts should be buried somewhere along the beach line, and will then produce 2 coconuts every two days which you can sell for 500 bells each.

Shell Type Value
Pearl Oyster 1,200 bells
Scallop 600 bells
White Scallop 450 bells
Conch 350 bells
Coral 250 bells
Venus Comb 150 bells
Dall’s Top 90 bells
Porceletta 30 bells

Give to Receive

The residents of your town are generous folk. If you send them a letter with a small gift attached — something of low value, like a shell or flower — they will often send gifts of furniture and wallpaper back. Although these are not normally rare items, they can be sold for 2-3 times the value of your original gift.

So that you don’t waste money buying letter paper, check the Lost and Found frequently with Booker at the town gate as paper is often ‘lost’.

Save, Don’t Spend

If you’re the patient type, you may find that saving is for you. Instead of spending your hard-earned bells on items and your mortgage, save it all up in a Town Hall bank account. At the end of every month, you will be awarded interest on your savings. The more you pay in, the more interest you can earn.

Running Errands

If you get a little bored of fishing and bug-catching, try getting friendly with your neighbours in town. Sooner or late they will ask you to run an errand — delivering furniture or letters within a specified time period — if you complete these errands quickly, you will be rewarded with 500 bells or items that you can sell to Nook.

Have you got some Animal Crossing: City Folk / Let’s Go to the City bell making tips that aren’t included here? Feel free to contact me on jem@jemjabella.co.uk

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