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Favourite Ubuntu Tweaks

Coming from Windows, there has inevitably been some things that I had to ‘tweak’ in Ubuntu to make it work for me. Nothing major — it works great “out of the box” — but I need some little home comforts. Firstly, I had to set…

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Oh No, Not Linux

Oh no, I’ve only gone and done it… I’ve only gone and installed Ubuntu on my Dell. It’s like… the end of an era! No more Windows XP. That makes us a Linux household now. Bill Gates will be crying himself to sleep tonight, you…

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Total Rows In MySQL Query ‘Trick’

Background: I wrote this post last week, after discovering what I thought was a nifty trick. Shortly afterwards, I found contradicting evidence that suggested the traditional route of using a separate query of COUNT(*) was faster, and/or it depends on your individual database design. Instead…

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Is Your Pipe Wrong?

Something that came up in conversation this weekend (well, this is what happens when you get more than one geek in a room)… on many keyboards, the pipe is in the wrong place. The pipe — that’s | to you non-geeks — is just to…

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