Snark Meet-Up 09

As I’m sure many of you have already heard, the sexy Amanda of Jingwen flew over to the UK this week. After having trained it in to Telford with Rachael and Ben, she was met by Amelie, Sarah and myself for a day of jollies. Much conversation was had about penises (and whether or not… read more →

Favourite Ubuntu Tweaks

Coming from Windows, there has inevitably been some things that I had to ‘tweak’ in Ubuntu to make it work for me. Nothing major — it works great “out of the box” — but I need some little home comforts. Firstly, I had to set it up for single-click file/folder navigation. I guess I see… read more →

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Oh No, Not Linux

Oh no, I’ve only gone and done it… I’ve only gone and installed Ubuntu on my Dell. It’s like… the end of an era! No more Windows XP. That makes us a Linux household now. Bill Gates will be crying himself to sleep tonight, you watch.… read more →

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Not an End of Year Reflection

I was going to do one of my traditional “reflect on the year” thingies, but it occurred to me that there’s not much point. I have actually done very little this year that I intended to. Oh sure, I finally managed to get NinjaLinks in to a half working state, and is doing really… read more →

Total Rows In MySQL Query ‘Trick’

Background: I wrote this post last week, after discovering what I thought was a nifty trick. Shortly afterwards, I found contradicting evidence that suggested the traditional route of using a separate query of COUNT(*) was faster, and/or it depends on your individual database design. Instead of deleting the post, I figured I should publish it… read more →

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Is Your Pipe Wrong?

Something that came up in conversation this weekend (well, this is what happens when you get more than one geek in a room)… on many keyboards, the pipe is in the wrong place. The pipe — that’s | to you non-geeks — is just to the right of the left-hand shift key on UK keyboards.… read more →

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animal crossing lets go to the city

Earning Bells in Animal Crossing

Bells are the in game currency for the various Animal Crossing games. They’re used to buy items for your house, clothing for your little character and somewhat more importantly, pay off your mortgage so that you get can get a bigger house! This guide was originally written as a top ten list of ways to… read more →

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Improved Related Posts in Sidebar

If you checked out the comments on yesterday’s post — WordPress Related Posts in Sidebar — you’d have noticed that the “related” posts code I use was flawed. Namely, it didn’t exclude the post you were on, so the chances were that only 4 out of 5 would be things you hadn’t already read. Anyway,… read more →

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