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Optimising Windows 7 for the AA1

I finally reached the end of my tether with Linpus on my netbook last week. Although it has the potential to be a nifty, quick operating system, it’s so restrictive that it makes the iPhone look good ;) Despite there being guides detailing how to…

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Feeling Rusty

For years I’ve wanted to turn my blog into a “tumble log” thing where I have different styles for different post types, and can share more of the crap I do/come across without writing a full blog entry. I started writing it, amongst other things,…

 |  Geek

Favourite Habari Plugins

One of my favourite things about Habari is the fact that it’s super lightweight (unlike WordPress which ultimately serves hundreds of bytes of old code that powers functionality I don’t use). As such, anything beyond the basic blog — write, read, comment — requires a…

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Made this weeks ago

Got bored a few weeks ago so put this together. Have nothing deep and meaningful to say about it, which is lucky because typing one-handed takes forever. :p Mind you, I can’t remember the last time I had two hands free for typing. With that…

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Recycling Geek T-Shirts

Some of my geek t-shirt collection are in the region of 4 years old now, and as nature (and pregnancy) blessed me with an ever increasing chest size, they’re now fairly tight (bordering on obscene). I’d like to find some way to recycle them so…

 |  Geek, PHP

24 Hours with Habari

So here we are, 24 hours after moving nearly 2 weeks worth of work (on and off) and it’s still standing. I’m impressed. :) Anyway, given that I know my conversion is generating a lot of talk about Habari and interest amongst you guys I…

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I’ve Converted to Habari

I recently asked for recommendations for a blogging script through .net forum to fulfil the requests of those wanting something more professional than FanUpdate, but without the relative bloat of WordPress. @otherniceman was kind enough to point me in the direction of Habari and not…

 |  Geek, PHP

SQL Injection Flaw in FanUpdate

A security issue has come to light in FanUpdate (2.2.1 specifically but likely affects previous versions). This only affects those who are still running with register_globals turned on (a very bad idea). The problem — for those interested — lies in show-cat.php relying on an…

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