Get with the times, Jem!

I am finally caving to the RSS revolution and subscribing to blogs in an attempt to organise myself, and my browsing, a little more efficiently. I’ve decided on Google Reader because I’m a Google whore because it’s ‘net based and I can add the link to the groovy Opera Portal start page, but currently only… read more →

My Own Little Browser War

If you’d have asked me lately what browser I’m using, the answer would have varied on an almost daily basis. I’ve been trying to find THE perfect browser for me but each one has pissed me off in varying degrees of time… Firefox – my browser of choice since about 2005ish (possibly longer? it was… read more →

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WordPress Child Pages Page… or something

OK, back to srs business posts now… One of my current top secret projects (it’s not that exciting, I’m just helping someone convert their site to WordPress) involves creating pages with a list of child pages on ’em. Back in ye olde days I’d have done this manually (which meant every time a child page… read more →

Coding, how I’ve missed thee

Today, I’ve spent every minute that Isabel has been nursing or asleep on me, one-handedly clicking my on-screen keyboard to try and get three different projects done. YES! Three! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that mums are THE BEST at multitasking? Anyway. So, my problem is that all three are secret secret hush hush, which… read more →

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‘Don’t Forget to Back-Up’ List

With my recent move to Windows 7 from XP on my laptop, I had to do a back-up and fresh install (the actual upgrade option is only for Vista). This means remembering all of the silly little stuff that’s not quite as important as your photos or music, but is nonetheless annoying to lose. Every… read more →

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Sneaky Tactics: Making Adverts Look Like the Browser Part 2

In 2008 I blogged about a site displaying adverts disguised as browser-style yellow bars and the risks associated with this shady tactic (especially if something a little more sinister than an advert were linked!) Clearly nothing has changed in the past 2 years, because it’s still happening. I clicked through to an article in The… read more →

No, I don’t want your shitty add-ons

What the hell is it with software companies thinking it’s OK to bombard you with additional junk packaged up with their programs already? I finally got ’round to buying Windows 7 for my laptop (after finding it plain awesome on my AA1) so did the whole back-up files, etc and reinstall malarkey yesterday afternoon. This… read more →

NinjaLinks Feature Requests

I’m being nagged for a NinjaLinks update ;) If you currently use the script and have feature in mind, please add your requests here. Can’t guarantee a date for release (for obvious reasons) but will fit it in when I can.… read more →

On Tumblelogs and Why I Love Habari

For at least 4-5 years I’ve been desperate to turn my blog into a sort of “tumblelog”; that is, a blog that consists of multiple content types that you can easily update with more than just full on text entries. The problem is, at first I lacked the know-how to achieve it — my early… read more →