Coding, how I’ve missed thee

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Today, I’ve spent every minute that Isabel has been nursing or asleep on me, one-handedly clicking my on-screen keyboard to try and get three different projects done. YES! Three! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that mums are THE BEST at multitasking?

Anyway. So, my problem is that all three are secret secret hush hush, which means no gossiping about them on here yet. But… at least it reminded me how much I love coding. I was beginning to slip into a dizzying stream of consciousness where it felt like being a mum was all I could do. There’s definitely PHP ninja in there somewhere.

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  1. Amanda said:

    Yay for coding. And it’s not like being "just a mum" isn’t any mean feat either, you know. I’d say you’ve got your hands full just with that. :)

  2. Hev said:

    You do know that Izzy could lay in a bassinet beside you & then you could use both hands & not have to use the on screen keyboard. *ducks the fists that come flying at her* But then that is just me.

  3. Peter Green said:

    Always remember you are Jem Turner and not just a Mum or a coder or a friend or… You are all you want to be and don’t let people or motherhood fool you into thinking you are only… :-)

  4. Theresa said:

    Are you finally going to start that online pornography website you were telling me about? :P Mmm, gossip gossip.