NinjaLinks Feature Requests

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I’m being nagged for a NinjaLinks update ;) If you currently use the script and have feature in mind, please add your requests here. Can’t guarantee a date for release (for obvious reasons) but will fit it in when I can.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Chans said:

    People nag for updates because they can’t get enough of you ninja PHP skills :). Can’t think of any features from the top of my head though…

  2. Hev said:

    Explain why I get this:

    Notice: Undefined variable: catname in /home/tigerwhi/public_html/listing/admin/manage_categories.php on line 30
    Could not run query: Table ‘tigerwhi_list.categories’ doesn’t exist

    & make it where I can add categories & sub-categories, lol.