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One of my favourite things about Habari is the fact that it’s super lightweight (unlike WordPress which ultimately serves hundreds of bytes of old code that powers functionality I don’t use). As such, anything beyond the basic blog — write, read, comment — requires a plugin, enabling me to have total control over my site. To encourage those of you considering Habari, I thought I’d share the Habari plugins that I use to make my blog great (in no particular order)…

  • RN Monthly Archives Plugin — I use this plugin to display my 12-month list of archives in the sidebar, as well as my full archive
  • RN Related Posts Plugin — this one is new to me, brought in specifically for this theme. It shows related posts based on tags in the sidebar of individual posts, and is loads more accurate (so far) than my old attempts at related posts!
  • Comment Notifier — this one sends your comments to my inbox so that I don’t forget to approve them! ;)
  • Defensio — personalised comment checking to help filter spam. Admittedly, this one is only temporary because I plan on writing my own plugin. Mixed feelings on effectiveness, but it’s better than nothing!
  • Edit: Auto-Approve — as recommended by Melly. Auto-approves non-spam comments.

So, have I convinced you to try Habari yet?

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  1. Melissa said:

    I’m pretty sure I use the "related posts" one as well as comment notifier. Loooooves it. :D Do you also have one of the "auto approve" plugins that approves people you’ve already allowed a comment for? Go go, Habari! <3

  2. Louise said:

    I was convinced from about the time you switched over. I just haven’t rebuilt my site yet…

    Thanks for the anti-spam plugin though. I couldn’t find one I liked. Can I have a linky If the auto-approve one works? :)

  3. Sassy said:

    I just stumbled across this page while searching for some better habari themes. I definitely like the light weightedness of habari as compared to WP but the themes are seriously lacking!

  4. Jordan said:

    I wanted to try and like Habari but I just didn’t have the heart or willpower to make the switch from WordPress. I’ve gotten so used to the functionality of it and theme development that I just didn’t feel like having to start all over learning something else.

    That’s the lazy in me. D:

    PS – I keep forgetting to change my email to my current. I fail.

  5. Kaylee said:

    I’ve taken a look at Habari before and it definitely looks like something I’d be interested in. Not interested in enough to switch my current blog, but maybe if I ever had a new project… :)

  6. Amanda said:

    Habari seems scary to me, I barely understand wordpress. I would love a lighter weight CMS, if only I could figure out how to make it work on my own. :/ Yours looks great though, especially for one handed.

  7. ErisDS said:

    I still prefer WordPress. Your website was down the other day ð

    Habari has some really nice UI bits and pieces (like the role management), but I’m a WordPress fanatic. I like the flexibility of it & when you know a system inside-out it’s hard to want to switch.