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NinjaLinks Update

I made some empty promises about my latest script, NinjaLinks, possibly being ready by the end of March. Obviously as it’s now a couple of hours from April that didn’t happen. I do have excuses reasons for this though… NinjaLinks is supposed to be my…

 |  Interwebs

Good News and Bad News

PLEASE NOTE If you found this entry by way of a ‘dofollow’ link list, please leave now. I do not approve comments from people looking for freebie link backs, and all links to URLs left by people I don’t know are automatically nofollowed. You’re wasting…

 |  Misc

My New Home and Stuff

Tada! I’m not dead :D Indeed not, I’m afraid. Simply distracted by my new home. Karl and I received the keys — and met the landlord, thoroughly nice chappie — on Friday. We’ve been cleaning, sweeping, decorating and generally ogling. I am bloody knackered, my…

 |  Geek, Interwebs

Battle of the CMS

Amelie, her partner, and Katy came for a little “wii party” yesterday, as a belated birthday celebration. The wii part was fun, and Amelie bought me Super Mario Galaxy which was totally uber (and mucho unexpected!) However, the part of the evening that got me…

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