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Google Analytics Plugin

If any of you out there are running the ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’ plugin, and have upgraded to WordPress 2.6, make sure you also upgrade the plugin. Although it doesn’t ask to be upgraded and the upgrade version is the same as the previous, it…

 |  Geek

PHP Game Programming

I am very interested in creating some PHP-based simple text/image games, like hangman, guessing games, “higher or lower”, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, resources seem few and far between to get me started on the right track. I’m sure I could sit down and eventually…

 |  Interwebs

BellaBiblio Amazon Ajax Bug

There’s a problem with the Ajax book finder in the current version of BellaBiblio, caused by an update on Amazon’s side of things. There is a patch which was sent over to me by Mat earlier today for those running PHP5 only, but because I’m…

 |  Interwebs

Chyrp: Lightweight Blogging Engine

I’ve currently got an ongoing project at work, part of which entails redeveloping a website and providing a news section. Given the functionality needed (not a lot) I would normally knock something together with PHP and MySQL, give it a basic admin panel and make…

 |  Work

I Loathe JavaScript

Given that my current course module thingy is on JavaScript, I expected to unearth a love for JavaScript that I didn’t know I had. I wanted to use the time to explore the quirks of the language, and its uses beyond the basics which I’ve…

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