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Good News and Bad News

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The good news is, I am now ‘on holiday’ until Monday 31st, which means I’ve got plenty of time to plough ahead with NinjaLinks and deal with any bug reports that come through for BellaBuzz.

The bad news is that the minor sniffle I’ve had all week is turning in to full-blown tonsillitis. Again. I wonder how many times a person is “allowed” to get recurrent, acute tonsillitis before the doctors insist on a tonsillectomy? I’ll be honest, I don’t like the idea of it myself.

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  1. Claire said:

    I wonder how many times a person is “allowed” to get recurrent, acute tonsillitis before the doctors insist on a tonsillectomy? My guess is quite a few as my sister had perpetual tonsillitis throughout her childhood, it was years before the Doc suggested she have them out. Get Well Soon x

  2. Mumblies said:

    Doctors don’t like to consider removal nowadays unless they deem it really really necessary, so i daresay you are stuck with yours Jem. Hope you feel better soon *hugs*

  3. Nyx said:

    What Mumblies said. Not so long ago they took them out at the drop of a hat, but nowadays they’re much less inclined to hack off so-called “useless” bits of you.

  4. Jabed said:

    Argh it takes the piss when doctors say it has to be recurrent to have anything done to it, I’m sure they only say that so they don’t have to spend any time (money) on giving you an operation. Whenever I’m ill my mum always says for me to exaggerate my symptoms so the doctor won’t just say ‘it’s nothing’

  5. Matt said:

    March 31st – my birthday! :D About tonsilitis: my sister’s had it about 2782 times in her life but apparently doctors are reluctant to suggest having them taken out these days :/ No idea why, probably something to do with cutting costs -_- She asked about it after about the hundredth time and her doctor suggested against it. Get well soon!

  6. Han said:

    I know what you mean I’m getting tonsilitus every few months now, its agony. I basically said to the doctor cut them out and she was like we wont perform unnecisary surgery – I was so annoyed I couldnt scream at her cos it hurt too much.

  7. Julie said:

    As others said, doctors are not very eager to remove them because of various tests that have proved they might play a role somewhere in our body. There was something about epilepsy but I can’t remember it exactly.

  8. Rachael said:

    You’ll need to have at least six cases of toncillitis in one year before they’ll take ’em out. Sorry! :( Most I had in a year was five cases. Boo. But yay for time off. And yay for you not needing to use 2 extra days of holiday for it. :)

  9. Amanda said:

    I always thought tonsillectomies were a thing of the past…like Victrolas and parasols. With that said, I’d assume that multiple bouts (over ten within say, a two/three year period) which leave you incapable of work is surely grounds for DEMANDING a tonsillectomy?

  10. Adi said:

    Oh dear. Hope you’ll be better soon. Well, I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but maybe a tonsillectomy is for the best. My brother had one when he was 8, and things are so much better now. Plus, after the op, the doctors insist you have as much ice-cream as possible! I was so jealous. ;D

  11. Scott said:

    Oh, that’s good about the ‘holiday’. At least you will be able to have some time to yourself. Aww, I hope you get well soon! I hate tonsillitus, it sucks! I’ve had it once… but luckily haven’t had it again *fingers crossed*. I think you can actually get it many times.

  12. Kachii said:

    I would rather have tonsillitis than what I had before – an ulcer down my throat. Like a full-on mouth ulcer, a big one, down my throat. I couldn’t speak, swallow, eat or even move my head for the intense stinging pain. It was the worst pain I ever had in my life, and they couldn’t do anything about it because it was too far down to treat. It lasted for about a week, and my throat really swelled up. I just had to try my best to gargle salt water a few times a day which actually worked quite well – you should try it, I do it every time my throat gets sore and it doesn’t taste too nice but it is soothing and has healing capabilities. Then again, I’ve not had tonsillitis since I was about ten. There are a few remedies we have here for colds, and my colds usually clear up within 24 hours (but that probably has something to do with my extremely brutal immune system – the cause of all my allergies): drink hot water with lemon juice and honey in it, or lemon juice in tea take a couple of vitamin C tablets or vitamin C with iron zinc, though I’ve never tried it, boosts your immune system – it’s good for healing beechams or lemsip flu pills (they contain painkillers and some can help you sleep easier which is a godsend, I can never sleep with a cold) long hot, steamy baths with lots and lots of bubbles in and nice scents – it’ll really clear your sinuses and help you relax If you like oranges, cut them into segments and suck on them, it’s easier and they taste nice and help you get well quicker aloe vera coated extra soft tissues – I donno about you but my nose gets so runny/sneezy that my nose ends up red raw otherwise, the super soft super large tissues really make a difference take care of yourself, I usually put makeup on when I’ve got a cold and wear my best clothes. This is something I don’t usually do, but it really does make me feel a lot better about myself so it’s a kind of placebo effect. It’s the only way I find I can get on with the things I need to do during the day. Otherwise, I just feel really down and insist on staying in bed.

  13. Arwen said:

    Tonsillitis? Ouch. I had strep throat a number of years ago and my tonsils swelled up four times their normal size. I was miserable. Hope you feel better soon!

  14. Lauren said:

    I’ve had tonsilitus 4 times since september and i need it once more to be allowed them out. Either that, or in danger of dying because my tonsils block my airways.

  15. Aaron said:

    Tonsillitis sucks. There’s no other way of saying it. I had it 4 times in a row a few years ago and they were going to take them out if it came back again, but it didn’t. The last time I had it was a couple of months ago. I am going to see a doctor about getting my tonsils removed anyways, though, because I think they’re the reason I have so many problems with illnesses and such. Hopefully you’ll get better and you won’t have to have your tonsils out. The older you are, the more painful the procedure is.

  16. fi said:

    I think the Gp’s nowadays are rubbish (mine certainly is). i’ve had problems with my tonsills for a long time now and have asked them to be taken out, – told not to by GP. From last december i have had issues with my tonsills constant…..and eevry time i go to see my GP he gives me no medication and says you have to ride the course……and like a pleb i take the suffering(as it used to be bearable), but last week, as i felt the tonsills flaring up i went to the doctor who advised me of the same thing…lots of fluids and sht like that……but over the w/end they got really bad…never been this bad…..he finally managed to give me some penicilin…but my throat by now has pretty much blocked up and i can’t swallow even saliva…..finding it very difficult to breath….dying for a grasp of air….literally…..i have choked severely 4 times in the last 2 days.i went to A&E they tgold me to go home. WTF going on. I went back to my GP and asked for it to ba taken out…….he told me they dont do these ops anymore due to risk of getting CJD…most of the equipment (to do the op)has been destroyed…..he went on to tell me he had 2 patients who had the op and 1 has got brain damage and the other nearly bled to death. After reading the views here….it’s just pving me off to see how thesed bloody docs operate. I spoke to a private healthcare company and they are happy to do the op. So wots wrong with the bloody NHS????.. Is there any truths to the

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