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BellaBiblio Amazon Ajax Bug

 |  Interwebs

There’s a problem with the Ajax book finder in the current version of BellaBiblio, caused by an update on Amazon’s side of things. There is a patch which was sent over to me by Mat earlier today for those running PHP5 only, but because I’m “mid-report” for my course I’ve not had time to give it the once over and finish any other BellaBiblio mods ready to get it live.

If you’re struggling because of the Amazon bug, please bear with me, and I’ll get it sorted ASAP.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

6 comments so far

  1. Mat said:

    A show of hands for those using PHP4 still would be nice.
    I haven’t chosen to implement in PHP4 this time around as most you of may know that PHP4 has gone ‘end of life’ which means that you all shouldn’t be running php4 anymore.

    However to those with slow or lazy hosts if there is enough interest I will indeed implement a PHP4 version.

    P.S the new layout is sexy Jem I really like the way the commented are in their own column, so much easier to navigate to. Well done :)
    Thanks all.

  2. Stephanie said:

    @Mat: Just because it’s said that PHP4 has gone end of life doesn’t mean that people aren’t running it. I know it’s been a year (actually a year today, isn’t it?), but… it wouldn’t surprise me, what with high schoolers STILL being taught HTML from the mid-nineties. You can wave banners and proclaim PHP4’s death, but the fact lies in that people who don’t feel as though things are broken don’t feel like fixing them.

    And hurry up and do your report, Jem. Geez.

  3. Niki said:

    This must be the reason why I wasn’t able to find books when I got it installed on my site a few months ago. I was beginning to think PHP scripts hate me.

    …Or maybe it was just me because that was a few months ago =/

    Meh. Nevermind.

    Good luck with that report :P

  4. Megan said:

    Ohhkay, I don’t know what’s going on with all that kind of stuff. So I can’t actually give you a comment on your blog. Sorry :[

    Return comment; Thanks for offering to help. I did read your article about it and it did help me out! I’ve decided that I’m going to use my own pictures or pictures that friends take instead of getting them from celebrity sites like that. Should make for a much more unique site and content!

  5. Rise said:

    Do you do freelancing? If so, I was wondering if you could make me something (for money, of course)? It’s JS, though…

    It would just be a live preview script.

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