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Do me a Favour?

One of my Snarkers is up for vote in the WPWebHost Best WordPress Design Awards. I don’t normally get involved in these sorts of online voting/award things because it’s just egotistical back-patting (and by that I really mean that I’m not good enough to be…

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Ooh! Naked Again

It’s CSS Naked Day again :) Websites all over the world are stripping off to show you that, even without styles, a well-coded and semantically inclined site will still be readable. Visit the naked day site for more information and instructions on how to take…

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Where Did Everyone Go?

I’ve been an avid blog reader for years. As long as I’ve had my own… possibly longer. I read a huge variety of topics, too. From personal blogs (or “journals”) to tech/gadget stuff, marketing, SEO and code to cooking and cats (but not cooking cats).…

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Stephanie Told Me To

Stephanie told me that I have to blog. But, I don’t really have anything to blog about. Work continues at a reasonable pace bug-fixing and improving BellaBlocks, I’m still mid-way through implementing some code Mat worked on for me, and I’m still all out of…

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Exhausted Post-Move

12 hours of moving furniture yesterday, I’m absolutely knackered. Argh :| Anyway, not a proper blog, just wanted to let you all know that the Internet hasn’t been connected at the flat yet, the cats are settling in nicely, and the guinea pigs didn’t even…

 |  Parenting

Nearly There

Less than 3 days to go until the big move. We’re almost living exclusively out of boxes at the moment. Anything remotely fun or interesting is packed away, as is most of the kitchen stuff (did that this evening). The only thing that isn’t packed…

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