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A Real Example of a Bad Web Developer

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The long time readers amongst you may remember me reviewing a chap called Ronald Treitner (of in February last year. The guy bases his entire reputation on the fact he validates his pages. However, I made it clear in my review of his website that validated or not, he still sucks epic balls as a designer and developer.

Shortly after my review, as well as fixing some of the newbie errors I pointed out, Mr Ronald Treitner published an article on “HOW TO SPOT BAD WEB SERVICES“. He made some vague references to habits that I may or may not have had in an attempt to patch up his clearly damaged ego.

Given that I’m in the process of writing a new review, I went back through some of my old material to try and ensure I was covering new ground. (You guys need new things to learn, right?) Out of curiosity, I checked in on old Treitner, and found that he has in fact updated his article, and is now directly referencing me (under the heading “A Real Example of a Bad Web Developer“):

There is a person in the UK that has their own web site which is centered around blogging, it offers bad opinions on how things should be done only his way. Unlike other web sites that actually offer their services this dumbass only links to other sites, attempts to pick on others, and calls himself “Ultimately better than you.” So here I am going to hold him to his own words and assume as far as web developers go he is the best.

He goes on to tell his readers (hahaha) that I’m giving fellow web developers a bad name, listing a zooming issue as the basis for his argument. I’ve no idea if he’s referring to this layout or not as I couldn’t replicate the issue (with text zooming both on and off), rendering his key point totally redundant. He continues to back up his “argument” with the fact that I offer no validation links (a totally useless practise that stopped being trendy about 5-6 years ago, and irrelevant as my pages validate 99.9% of the time with no effort whatsoever).

Apparently I’m a ‘dumbass’ and a ‘dope’ that offers no work of my own (obviously the links to my other projects are not sufficient, and my Bella~ scripts used by thousands and thousands of webmasters are a figment of our imagination) and, despite my claims to the contrary, my blog script is not my own:

he modeled his blog after an easy to maintain free script he probably got from another developer who offered his script free for others to use

…although I’m sure the likes of Amelie and Mat — who have both seen my code — would be willing to back me up.

Still talking about my blog, he claims:

He uses a very basic script for his blog, one you have to email him your comments and he adds in your comments if he feels like it.

…totally misunderstanding the basic premise of moderation-based blogging systems and their uncanny ability to, uh.. hold comments in moderation until approved? His insinuation that I only add comments “if I feel like it” grossly distorts the truth, which is that I only approve comments from people who use a real e-mail address. This in itself is backed up by the fact that there are many a hate-filled comment on my blog, although I admit it’s the entertainment that keeps me publishing them.

He ends his argument referencing my decision last year to remove the contact form from my website, suggesting it’s because I don’t like people commenting on my site. Quite opposite, in fact, I actively encourage people to review me (although few seem willing to try, for some reason). Unfortunately, I had to remove the contact form due to the huge amount of support requests I was receiving, as a well respected developer and an expert on many subjects. How’s that for an egotistical statement, eh? Of course, everyone knows I’m still reachable via e-mail (and my e-mail address couldn’t be more obvious).

Of course, I don’t need to answer Ronald Treitner’s accusations, nor do I fear my reputation is at stake from a two-bit “web designer” with a bitter grudge against me. However, we all know that I cherish every opportunity to put misguided fools in their place, especially when they make the assumption that I am anything but a woman.

Your move, Mr Treitner.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Mumblies said:

    Well, I am sat next to Jem right this minute, and I can confirm she IS female, pregnant too…although one presumes this bloke is that thick he can’t tell the difference.
    If you ask me, it sounds like he is suffering with a classic case of "jealous as sin-itis" :)

  2. Aisling said:

    This guy has too much time on his hands, probably because he doesn’t have any clients. His lack of clients probably has something to do with the fact that although one may have studied web design in college, talent can’t be taught, and his designs reflect that.

    And, yes, of COURSE Jem must be up at all hours of the day and night to add comments to her site! For, my comments always appear straight away, even when I am commenting in the evening, which can make it anywhere between midnight and 5am, Jem’s time. Once I submit this comment, I’m sure it will appear straight away because Jem is waiting to post it, instead of on her way home from her mom’s house, which is what she told me she was doing a few minutes ago.

    *Sigh* Some peoples’ kids…

  3. Audrey said:

    My favorite part is when he said, "just love to point out that this dope claims to be that good, but he shows no work of his own. In fact, he only provides links to other web sites. He talks big about things others have done on their sites even though he himself can’t do better."

    Because linking to sites you contribute to or maintain means you’re stealing materials…from yourself. /facepalm

    Assume "Jem" is a male name is also a bit stupid. You’ve had your name all over this site as long as I’ve been visiting and it’s not one of those deceptive names, like "Pat" or "Kelly."

    Thanks for the laugh, this guy is ridiculous!

  4. Meggan said:

    Also, it’s not like your site is your portfolio. Right? He claims you have no examples of your work and (besides being false) I don’t think that’s really the purpose of this site.

    It also irritates me that he didn’t take the 30 seconds to figure out that you’re not a dude. I mean, "Jemjabella" doesn’t really sound very manly to me, what with the "bella" and all, plus, PREGNANCY HELLO. Not a guy. Also irritating is his gross misunderstanding of how your site functions.

    Plus, I’m really unclear as to how his army experience translates into his web experience. So what if you spent 10 years in the army? Your site still isn’t designed well. :P

  5. Anthony said:

    All you have to do is look at his site and know that he has no idea what he’s doing. You have one of the most popular blogs in the "blogosphere", so I don’t think any of his points are close to being valid. Once he reads this he will probably post another little thing ranting about how mean you are :’).

  6. Roxanne said:

    Why does everyone seem to want you to be male? (I know half the answer to that, god forbid a female be a developer) But once they visit your site, it should be damn well clear you are indeed not male in the least…ah well, it shows he is an utter fool already, so this shouldn’t come as too much of a shock!

  7. Jessica said:

    The fact that he refers to you always as ‘he’ made me laugh. It shows how much he seemed to care about to be correct. lol! What a guy.

  8. Lauren said:

    I had validity links for about two weeks before realising how redundant they are, especially when on professional portfolios and such. If you’re a professional it’s your job to have at least nearly valid mark-up. To me slapping a validity badge on a website is like baker sticking a label on his bread to brag that it’s cooked (LOL, lame analogy but I think it’s understandable :) ).

    That guy’s so obviously bitter if he’s still going on about what you wrote. When I’m critiqued the last thing I feel an urge to do is badmouth the person doing the it, it’s relief that they pointed out improvements I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. The fact his designs are terminally stuck in the 90s doesn’t help him though :S

  9. Cristina said:

    Once again another mindless idiot that doesn’t know what he’s talking about. When will people learn? Just accept Jem is ultimately better than you. ;)

  10. Hev said:

    Well, I just scoured the English news websites. There was no news of a man having a baby. So this dofus really needs to get his facts straight. Geesh, I knew within thirty seconds (when I first visited here) that you were a woman.

    Also he needs to go to school & learn how to do what he proclaims he knows how to do. It looks like crap. Even some of the first time web designers designs look better (in my opinion).

  11. Teesee said:

    "The third thing you might notice is he likes to blog, this in itself is not a bad thing but it seems to be all this guy does. "

    Blogging on a blog – oh the scandal! For someone who spent less than a minute on your site, I’m surprised to read he got a lot (all) wrong. One would assume he never visited your site full stop!

  12. Clem said:

    I still can’t go over "he". I guess your about page doesn’t explicitly say you’re female, but he doesn’t have to dig very deep to find that out. :|

  13. Mackenzie said:

    I rather liked how he you can tell he’s bitter, and how he tries to hard to make it seem as if he doesn’t care about your site.

    When you read his article (? or whatever it is?), he mentions that he only visited your page for "less than a minute", but he goes on and mentions how you "removed all methods for you to comment him (her) recently". Even if I hadn’t had a bias against him I would’ve seen this upon reading.

    p.s. I know I haven’t commented in a while, Jem, so congratulations on your pregnancy :)

  14. Alison said:

    @ Clem:

    but the homepage does say:

    Welcome to, blog of girl geek/php ninja extraordinaire ‘Jem’.

    Dude’s portfolio is a joke. Love how he keeps mentioning his army days, as if that makes him a ~*~TRUSTED PROFESSIONAL~*~

  15. Mimi said:

    I think he’s a little bit butt hurt, eh? I can’t believe he STILL think you are a man, after all this time! I don’t even think he DESERVES a pants award.. He is that stupid!

    On another note I am glad you referenced some of his writing.. I went to his site and that greenish text on the black background? It made me eyes squeal with pain! It’s a giant wall of badly colored text! Agh!

  16. Romy said:

    I have no words except: the horror. Oh, the horror.

    And that’s just his site. Don’t even get me started imagining how you’re going to give birth through your penis.

  17. Theresa said:

    This is too funny. His art is for crap (inexperienced in MS Paint much?) and he’s not proving anything to anyone that he knows how to attempt to make others look bad in an attempt to fool idiots that he’s something that he’s not, what a professional.

    Good luck giving birth to your new baby as a man. He obviously know so much about your site to talk all that shit. Oh, all true coders know that validation isn’t everything, although it’s nice. :)

    P.S. I would take on the review of your site but a)my site’s not up yet and b)there’s not honestly much I can nit pick at so I will have to take the time to lean more toward the positive side. I’ll let you know if I decide to take the challenge. :P

  18. Theresa said:

    Wow, the 23 revisions didn’t stop me from sounding like an idiot, " to attempt to make others look bad in an attempt to…" Riiight. :P

  19. Natalie said:

    Gosh. He is as stupid as you say. For many reasons that I feel you have left out:

    First of all, what’s with the bright green text on the black background on his site? He is running a design site, so logically, he should be having a design that people would want to see on a professional page – not a myspace looking CSS disaster.

    Second, what’s with his ignorance? – He evidently is stupid enough to believe that you are a guy. After all, you are pregnant! Your name is Jemma, not Thomas Beatie.

    Third, he evidently has no idea of time. He says he only visited your site for a minute, yet he’s written 11 paragraphs full of rubbish about you.

    Fourth, he can’t even spell arse. "not much good at anything except for talking out of his ass."

    Fifth, he’s just bad. B A D.

    I felt the need to write those, however, there are many other bad points about that one article he wrote. Seriously, if he gets a bit of hate publicity from you, should he not use it to his advantage? Make his designs better? But he didn’t. Opputunity wasted for him.

    (gosh, that was long)

  20. Nori said:

    I, for one, am horribly, horribly amused. So if OMG I don’t put a validation link on my stuff, or if there’s no validation link on a site I’m visiting, it’s borked? Oh dear.

    While amusing, his "article" was also painful to read in more ways than one. Argh, my retinas.

  21. Stephanie said:

    Nono, your move, Mr. Pregnant Jem. :)

    I guess it amuses me as well as irks me that you have to be a man to be a well-respected developer as well as post reviews that annoy people.

  22. Hanna said:

    In case I was looking for someone to make a website for me, I would definitely not hire this guy. He really doesn’t impress me. It’s worrying and hilarious if you can’t just let your work speak for you, but instead you need to explain that pretty much everyone else in web business are cheating… I think it’s bigger sign that you don’t have talent.

  23. Vera said:

    Oh… so I’m now E-MAILING you my comment? And what a cool e-mail and get approved, I mean it’ll (probably) show up instantly. *oohs and aaaahs*

    Other than that though, I thought this all happened last year? Or well, the fact that he changed the article to clearly point towards you. OK, so the clearly is a bit ambiguous mind, seeing as Mr Treitner refers to you as "he"… but eh.

  24. Lea said:

    Hello, Mr. Jem – I’m fairly certain you would do much better than a certain senator in a certain film.
    I actually went through his website and read through all of his literary marvels. My first though was that my Business Web Media tutor would worship him. I suspect it’s actually her undercover – same patronising tone, same ideas and same mad designing skills.

  25. Julie said:

    You do receive an email copy of every comment made, right?

    And only first time commenters must have their comment approved before it shows up, right?

    Of course I’m right, I am me and so very awesome. And everyone knows you have a penis by now, so stop pretending.

  26. Lemm said:

    Lol. I think he’s lividly jealous! Take no notice of it.
    Hardly acting professional either…about as professional as a paper bag I would say. x____x

  27. Stephanie said:


    You MUST be ultimately better than me; I can’t make that happen without a script!

  28. Caity said:

    I have to admit, after reading the entire post I couldn’t believe that someone could say something like that about you. You are one of the most popular Web Designers out there. Almost everyone I speak to on the internet has heard of your site or some other site that you run. Not that you need me to feed your ego, but it’s the truth. Everyone who knows anything knows that you should be respected among the internets.

    Then I visited his site, and I laughed so hard I spit my water all over the screen.

    I’m not a good web designer. I try to make my own WordPress layouts and they’re pretty bad and probably don’t work in all browsers, but I never claim to be something I’m not. I wish people realized the extent of their talents and didn’t try to fabricate things about other people who they know nothing about!

  29. CKZeroTenZero said:

    I have browsed through that site and, while I’m not claiming to be a real webdesigner/developer, I am insisting that this person will only get his jobs from dirty old men like Herbert from Family Guy. ;)

    I agree on most what is written on this page.

    CSS and XHTML validation is indeed important but even in this early stage of designing and creating, one can bypass the entire system with ease.

    One more thing. To me personally, a brighter site offers better chances of people actually reading a website when it claims to be of someone who creates sites for a living. I know it’s Cliche but it’s what people take more serious. The darker sites are often used for more serious in-dept matters or are Fan-sites.

    Unless he’s a fan of webdesign, which would put him somewhere between Michael Jackson and Britney Spears fans, I guess he changes his site to look more serious. Get rid of the awards and show some actual work.

    On a personal note: I know I suck at webdesign but I can comfort myself knowing that there is Treitner and that I haven’t sank that low. :P (could not resist.. sorry)

  30. Larissa said:

    Have you seen how much he charges for his ‘designs’?! O_o

    He is obviously jealous of your site and what makes me laugh is the whole you don’t display any of your own work thing. Er, hello Mr.Treitner ever heard of BellaBook, BellaBuffs, BellaBiblio or BellaBuzz?

  31. Julie said:

    There’s also the fact that Jem separates her real-life job and her blog. Unless she’s a compulsive liar (;)), then she has done plenty of work in web development that she doesn’t show us.

  32. Joanna said:

    If I were to write about someone or their website, I’d try to make sure I get all my facts right so that my argument/point doesn’t backfire at me.
    And so what has surprised me the most is that this person has not actually ‘read’ anything you’ve written, but only looked for things and made assumptions that he didn’t even try to verify.
    I think anyone who has built their own website knows how contact forms and commenting systems function. My impression is that this isn’t his case.
    If he had taken the time to quickly run through a couple of your blog entries, he would know that you’re female and expecting, that your partner is male, and that you’re interested in growing your own vegetables.

    – ‘As a web developer and PHP hobbyist I’m very “into” developing my own scripts.’ (Free PHP Scripts)
    From the first sentence on that page I understand that you wrote those scripts.

    – ‘My name is Jem (short for Jemma) and I am a self-taught web developer / self-confessed PHP ninja for a local marketing company in the UK; when I’m not at work coding I’m at home poking my free scripts instead.’ (About The PHP Ninja)
    The first two sentences on this page state that you’re female, have a job as a professional and paid web developer, and that outside of your working hours, you spend time improving your scripts.

    ‘If you can’t find your answer at my tutorial site, please ask at […]’ (Contacting Me)
    This is a blog. I don’t remember reading you saying that this is your only website. There’s a reason why you mainly blog here; this-is-a-blog! Your other sites, including an extremely useful one called Tutorialtastic, can be found linked here and there on the website (if you take the time to actually look around…).

    If I were to employ someone, I’d want them to be precise in their work and make a habit of double checking everything. His article doesn’t serve him; it goes against him. Just a little bit of work on his character could do wonders for his website and business, and relationships on a whole.

  33. Mari said:

    Wow, Jem. For being pregnant, you’d think it’s awfully strange that you’d also be a male…

    I love when people that really don’t know what they’re talking about, because it’s physically impossible for them to know what they’re talking about for some reason or other, try to elaborate on some big issue they perceive with something they’ve never even dealt with.

  34. Roo said:

    Wow ._. his prices make me laugh… honestly, I think you’d get a better job and deal going to one of the teen designers out there…

  35. Margot said:

    I looked around his site and it really pissed me off when, on his Portfolio page, he started going on about how "wrong" it is to put up work for "fake" clients. As a graphic design student we’re encouraged to make up projects for our portfolio, until we get some real work to up in there (how can you apply for work that needs examples of your work if you’ve never done any work so you have none to show?). The client may never have existed, but the work is still valid and you can still determine the quality of it. It doesn’t matter if you made a logo for your imaginary friend or a breathing person, you can still look at that logo and determine if it was well made or not, and what the designer should have and did or didn’t take into consideration when creating it – the same goes for web design.

    This pissed me off too: "I stand apart from many other sites because I produce work that actually validates. This means they contain no hidden errors that can cause many problems. Many developers can’t even handle a basic task such as this."
    That is such utter bullshit I want to fly to whatever city he lives in and punch him in the face.

    This too: "All of the best web sites on the web use the newer software such as Macromedia and Adobe. Developers commonly do not use such cutting edge tools and limit the scope of your sites design and capabilities to only offering basic skill sets such as coding."
    So if I coded en entire website by hand in notepad rather than Dreamweaver, it’s somehow bad? The tools you use make no fucking difference – if I painted a picture with a $100 paint brush and the painted a picture with a $1 paint brush, as long as my skill level was the same during both paintings then they’d come out at the same quality.

    It’s amazing how much this guy talks about validation, how important he makes it seem, that if a website isn’t valid it’s crap and the web designer doesn’t know what they’re doing. Y’know, Google doesn’t have a validation link anywhere, so I guess it’s a piece of shit.

  36. alexbean said:

    This guy is talking rubbish. He may be designing to web standards (it isn’t majorly tricky, just logical) but his imagination and colour schemes suck. I don’t like it! I am new to website design and have a few sites. I don’t think I am anywhere near decent yet but I like to think my websites have an element of style!

    Still, all opinions I guess!

  37. Aaron said:

    What I can’t get over is not how bad his website or web design skills are, or how he was too stupid to even notice the introduction on the sidebar that clearly states this website belongs to a girl, or how childish he’s being (he was in the army for 10 years? They probably kicked him out since he’s such a baby), but how on his "Services" page, he’s charging something like $425 for a website!


    Who are the clients who have paid that much for a website from this guy? For that much money, you could get like 40 celebrity "blends" from some MySpace teeny bopper and they’d look 1252895 times better displayed on a website.

  38. Trish said:

    ??? Your designs are simple and somewhat bland, but your site isn’t about web-design anyway (and I like it this way!). His site really isn’t good at all, tbh. I’m still trying to figure out why anyone would pay 500 bucks for a website…but that’s just me.
    P.S., I didn’t know you were a guy! *gasp*

  39. Kimberly said:

    For a minute there I thought I was visiting a Geocities site from the 90s. The colours, the hideous header, that pukey-green font… at what point in history would that design have been considered "professional"? Heck, at what point would it have even been considered "design"?

    Seriously, Mr. Treitner – my first ever layout was made in microsoft word, and it looked a lot better than this (even if it didn’t validate). Maybe we should all chip in for his $500 fee to buy him a clue.

  40. Usio said:

    This is my first time posting a comment, although i frequently spend my time reading your articles. I greatly admire and respect you and your work, and that’s why i can’t believe that a guy who clearly made his site in Frontpage or even Word comes and rant-bitch about you Mr. Jem… haha by the way, congratulations for the incoming baby!!! Of course what other thing can we expect of a "Professional Designer" that states that: "Back in my high school days I used to look for the bullies and beat them up. Today, you will get the beating here. " doesnt that make him a bully as well? and why is he talking about that personal stuff in a "business page"? i would buy anything from him after reading all this "fear me" stuff.

  41. Rosemary said:

    Well, there are males who are pregnant in the US due to surgery and whatnot…

    All that aside, I’ve been following your blog for quite a while, but even I could figure out very quickly that many of the things that he "accused" you of are rather ridiculous if he took the time to actually read. As in, not pick random words from various pages and throw them together. His article’s a very funny read altogether though.

  42. Maggie said:

    I find it a complete turn off that he feels the need to bash other websites on a site that is being used to provide a service to potential clients. It is completely unprofessional and not an image most business owners would want to have associated with their business. It would be another story if the site was personal but it is not.

    If he wanted to write an article about spotting bad web service providers he should have taken the time to write an informative article that even the most inexperienced web user could learn something from. Also, good grammer would have been nice as well.

  43. Hillary said:

    Haha! This guy is nuts. Web designs have to look good; being validated is only a plus.

    Amusing article, MISTER Jem. Congratulations on the baby, too! :)

  44. Georgina said:

    That’s pretty unbelievable. Again with the ‘he’ references… (I did read your post titled ‘I’m A Woman, Actually’.)

    I gotta say, Jem, I don’t always agree with you, but when I visited this fellow’s (forgot his name already) website… I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. He doesn’t know what he’s saying; all these silly things he’s saying about you and your website are laughable.

    You’re an inspiration, Jem! This is my… second time or so, commenting on your site. (Last time I commented, I was on a crummy subdomain which you probably should have reviewed as a piece of crud.) I enjoy your blogs and reading your tutorials on PHP have made me feel good about learning something new. :)

  45. Cza said:

    Oh my, that looks bad. I am a beginner at web design myself yet still I find it hard to believe all the harsh things this guy has said. He’s simply "getting back" at you for absolutely no reason, most likely because he didn’t get what he wanted. Typical jealous people. Why wasn’t it he himself who asked to be reviewed? Not only does he APPEAR to be missing the point of asking for a review–why he’s done it. He’s missed it all right. I wouldn’t have cared that much had he confined what he was going to say to simple blog entry that sported no obvious identification, but that one was so outright–it was as if he really wanted to "bare" you. :o

    Being fairly new to this design business I know I’ve got a lot to learn, yet even with the skills I have at the moment I could not help but silently criticize this guy’s work… and partly feel sorry for him as a designer as it certainly looks as if time has left him helpless in passing him by. Sure, this dude can certainly code, I’ve no right to doubt that, for it’s true his sites are valid, exactly as he says. So what’s that supposed to mean, I ask myself. At first the news comes partly as a shocker; it worries me off that validity ought to be so important. If what he says is true, I thought to myself, my site would be completely pointless. I’d probably have to stage a revamp again, which I find unfair in that doing so would be much time-consuming; besides the latest revamp I had staged was only a few days ago. ‘Til it finally came to me that the guy wasn’t telling the truth, he was being vengeful to you in the wrong way. I honestly couldn’t believe what he said when he started lashing out at you so pointlessly just like that, knowing you as a developer and how you code your scripts (I used BellaBuzz at one point and was somewhat satisfied with it). Ah, but in my opinion, this Treitner person ought to spend more time trying to learn Photoshop or PaintShop Pro. Coding is one thing, graphics is another, when put together, result in a product of splendid nature. At least that’s what I believe.

    Before he knows it this Treitner guy will have been left behind in terms of today’s standards. His Flash sites are absolutely pathetic. Last time I’d seen something like that was well, back in the early 2000s. When I was a kid new to the Internet. Government websites are another thing, at least they are in the place where I live. Oh, but if this guy’s in desperate need of a career, I sure could recommend him to some government bureau here. They’d certainly make use of his self-proclaimed "talents" here.

    Oh, and might I state I find nothing wrong with "Ultimately Better Than You," it’s actually wonderful, I love people with strong personalities and definitely admire people who can speak for themselves. :)

  46. Chans said:

    Haha, that guy really must have had his ego crushed big time to make a post like that. He thinks he’s making fun of you while in fact it’s the other way around, if you seriously want to pick on someone at least make sure you get the gender right :P…

  47. Chien said:

    LOL. His article = not ~*professional*~ at all. He refers to you as a dumbass but I think he’s the bigger idiot jackass out there.

    I bet he uses IE. When I zoom in firefox, there’s no overlapping images. He’s also lying when he said you didn’t give out any contact information. You did display your email!

    I actually could find so many wrongs in the things he said. And his closing made me lol. I also can’t stop laughing about how he refers you as a guy during his whole example.

    Gosh, this is hilarious!

  48. Carly said:

    What makes me laugh is it’s an article about ‘web services’ – you are not a service? It’s a blog.

    I didn’t read most of his article, it was bright and too big on my page and when I scrolled it made me blink a lot. Talk about bad choice of colours! I gave up!

  49. Amanda said:

    Seriously, this guy … I don’t need to say anything as it’s all been said so far. His layout looks like an early 90s wanna be fan-fiction site.

  50. Mumblies said:

    I Quote "Back in my high school days I used to look for the bullies and beat them up"
    Huh? Does that not make him a bully too?
    Certainly did in my day. As for his bragging about having been in the Army…big deal mate! So have I, it doesn’t make you better at anything other than taking crappy orders and running around putting your life at risk. I can honestly say at no time did my Army service give me any help in web design or developing.

  51. Andy said:

    Do you think the guy is colour blind?
    Look at his portfolio – most of his sites seem to be black or white with a little colour applied badly (in my opinion).

  52. Sarah said:

    @Manda since guys are stupid and think only they are allowed to use the internet. Yes, I have encountered numerous of those weridos. They just cant accept that girls know how computers work. It’s sad really.

  53. Aaron said:

    Wow, and aren’t you a female? At least that is what I thought. That guy is pathetic… his site is suspended, I went there and there’s nothing to see. Haha, he probably choked on some balls he’s been sucking. Hahaha.

  54. Davetta said:

    I say we find this guy and kick his butt. That’ll teach him to mess with NINJAS! Heee-YAAAAAAA!!!

    His account got suspended? He’s in the wrong field. He should be in the entertainment field. lol

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