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Cashback Revolution

Shit that sounds cheesy, I must have picked that line up from an advert or something? So I joined some cashback sites. Or rather, I started using the cashback sites I signed up to AGES ago. For those not aware, the general idea is that…

 |  Interwebs, WTF

Google is Watching You

Call me naive, but I’ve always been fairly blasé about online privacy. Aside from not publishing any photos showing my face, I take no real steps towards hiding my identity. You could probably find out my entire life history—including past addresses, education and employment details—with…

 |  Geek, PHP, Work

More WordPress Goodies

I’ve been getting about a bit lately — no sarcastic comments please — so thought I’d share the results of my hard work. More WordPress stuff: Developing bespoke WordPress plugins for a work client — this one was a bit odd to write as I’m…

 |  Updates

6 Dollar Layout

After much nagging and one amusing — and wholly accurate — unrequested review I finally decided to get off my arse and finish changing my layout, something that has been on the cards for months. However, failed design after failed design led to much frustration.…

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