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Nearly There

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Less than 3 days to go until the big move. We’re almost living exclusively out of boxes at the moment. Anything remotely fun or interesting is packed away, as is most of the kitchen stuff (did that this evening). The only thing that isn’t packed — that’s next on my list — is the clothes.

Just so you’re all aware… the internet and phone switch should be very simple. A quick switch-over, in theory. That means I should be back on e-mail, forums, blogging etc the next day (assuming I have any energy left after the actual moving part.)

I’ve notified the tv licensing people and the bank. Need to tell the doctor, the dentist, the optician, update my online accounts, and… what am I forgetting?

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Anthony said:

    For some reason your site was down for a few minutes a little while ago. We’re moving soon as well, sucky part is the internet and cable move isn’t as smooth or fast as yours is going to be. We have to call them then they schedule a date then they send people out and all this crap.

    But yea, hope it goes smooth for you.

  2. Kaylee said:

    Hopefully the switch-over does go smoothly. It seems that something always goes wrong, but since it’s Friday the 13th, maybe it will be like a double-negative!

  3. Ashley said:

    You are forgetting me! You’re forgetting I am still desperately wanting a house of my own! I am tired of waiting, so I might as well go with you! It won’t be "my" house per se, but it’ll have to do! :D

    Hope everything does go smoothly as expected. I wonder if there’s any rainbowy wrapping-paper type stuff in the new place?

  4. Hev said:

    I know something. Make sure you send me your new address. I will have something to mail you soon. I don’t know if the one I have will still be good. Don’t make me search for you online or pester all your friends to find you, lol.

  5. Vera said:

    When I moved, despite it having been a mere two days before Christmas was the part that was completed the easiest… mostly because the previous tenant had had Internet and cable with the same company XP

    So good luck and hopefully you won’t forget anything :-)

  6. Karl said:

    Vets can wait, as can the car bits. Insurance company need bugging again. Poo.

    Got to sort the utilities with final readings on Friday morning.

    I’m 99% sure the phone switch will be done by 12pm..internet I’d give 48 hours. Do what we did before – plug in the router and let it sort that out.

    Riverford know of the new address? I’ll have to change the info on our management system.

  7. Ann said:

    Lol, I much prefer Arial to Helvetica, actually. It doesn’t really display well on my laptop, either, so I’m all for disabling it :P
    Good luck with the move, I hope it all goes smoothly.

  8. Hev said:

    I don’t see where I am being silly. I don’t want you to know what your surprise is & I know what you can do, lol. I just needed some other opinions on whether you would like it or not. So stay out of the protected post young lady. What is shown there isn’t the emotes.

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