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Move News and Chippy Fire

 |  Parenting

Oh hai! I’m still alive :) ISP cocked up our connection move so an order that should have taken 24 hours or less to complete – giving us Internet the day after moving day – is now taking 7-10 days. We’re on day 4 now, so it shouldn’t be too long before I’m back on your screens. Of course, this ruined my new years resolution that I didn’t actually tell you about… to blog every day. Poo :(

Settled in to the new flat nicely. Cats and Piggies seem to like their new space and we managed to move from A to B without any breakages or major disasters. Have my own little ‘office’ in the corner of the flat now, with pics to come.

In slightly more interesting news, the local chip shop exploded last night. Karl and I were woken up at 2:10am-ish by a huge bang that shook the house. My first thoughts were either a) someone had driven in to the front of the house (the flat is on the top-floor of a converted house) or that b) Fudge, who recently discovered he can get on top of the bookcase, had knocked the whole lot (including some 200 books) over. I shot out of bed and did a spot-check of the flat, but everything was fine. Popped my head out of the back window, also fine.

Went to get back in to bed and as I did, sirens and blue flashing lights shot past the bedroom window. Looked out to see huge flames and an epic smoke plume billowing up behind the café on the corner. Turns out there had been a gas explosion. By the time the fire brigade got to the chippy there was almost nothing left. Walking past it on the way to work this morning, it was in a sorry, soggy state. Thankfully nobody was hurt, though.

Anyway… if I missed anything important during my downtime, shoot me an e-mail. Might be a while before I can sort through them and reply though.

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20 comments so far

  1. Vasili said:

    I was wondering why you were blogging everyday. ;)

    I can’t believe that that shop exploded. I had to read the sentence twice to make sure I was reading it correct. How close was it to your flat?

  2. Mumblies said:

    Well you did say you didn’t want to be eating too much fish and chips as they are fattening, I guess now you won’t be eating any for a while until they rebuild the chippy. Glad to hear that nobody was hurt though.

  3. Jem said:

    "Chippy" is slang for a fish and chip shop. Junk food, basically.

    I sometimes forget the majority of my readership is not actually British, heh.

  4. Nicole said:

    I figured that was why you were blogging every day. Don’t worry, I messed up my New Year’s resolution and forgot to take a picture yesterday, there’s always next year though!

    That’s really horrible about the explosion, luckely nobody was hurt!

  5. Nellie said:

    We had the same problem with getting our internet connected on move day. We gave them three weeks notice and they promised us that we’d be able to simply call them up once we’ve left the old place and they’d have us connected by the time we drove around to our new place. Didn’t happen. Had to use dial-up for almost a week.

    I’d be highly disappointed if our local fish and chip stop exploded, because it’s where I go for my Chinese meals if I can’t be bothered to cook!

  6. Amanda said:

    I remember you once telling me that you slept in the nude. So uh…is that:

    "I shot out of bed in the nuddie and did a spot-check of the flat in the nuddie, but everything was fine. Popped my head out of the back window flashing everyone my tits, also fine."

    ? :P

  7. Katy said:

    it was a good chippy too, if I recall!

    the only exploding thing I can ever remember being vaguely near is a public toilet in Stoke a few years back…

  8. Macca said:

    I’ve always wanted to be in the vicinity of some kind of explosion (so long as it doesn’t harm me) – like some kind of morbid fantasy/curiosity. Closest thing I’ve had is when a tornado went off in Kensal Green a couple of years ago (, it was like the biggest thunderclap I’d ever heard in my life. I also hope that when I go to Japan I might feel an earthquake tremor. XD

    Good luck sorting out your internet, that shit can be a bitch. I remember my ISP cutting us off for two weeks just because my parents had switched their names for our telephone line. O_o

  9. Chans said:

    That must have been so scary! I can totally imagine what the bang was like, I have experienced a gas explosion when I was younger. Hopefully no one got hurt!

    Good luck sorting out your internet connection!

  10. Larissa said:

    No! Not the Chippy! :(

    I can’t believe it exploded, that must have made you jump right bad. At least no one was hurt. O_O

    Your new flat sounds great and its cool that you get to have your own office area. I’m looking forward to seeing the pics. :)


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