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 |  Misc

Killing Myself Slowly

Guess which lucky person has managed to give themselves food poisoning? I don’t know how, because I’m so ridiculously anal about raw meats and things, but last night I was mightily sick. I’d been sat on the sofa all evening since tea (dinner) — which…

 |  Geek

The Simpsons Game (DS) Review

I originally heard of the The Simpsons Game through Mitu’s entry on the subject and, being the fan that I am, immediately stuck the Nintendo DS version on pre-order via GAME. I was actually surprised at my own level of anticipation, as the previous entries…

 |  Interwebs

The Internet Sucks

Yes, you read that right, the Internet suxxors. It was the Internet that told me that it was going to rain all day Friday which is why I made the decision not to go out with my camera. It was sunny most of the day…

 |  Misc

My Day Off

I am having my Friday off tomorrow (don’t normally work Fridays but haven’t taken any off for months) and am not sure what I should do. I was originally planning on taking a walk to the local town (Ironbridge — look it up, it’s famous)…

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