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With Thanks

Thank you to those who sent me e-mails and/or left comments after my ranty post yesterday. I appreciate that effort that it takes to try and be sympathetic or supportive so it’s always nice when I’m on the receiving end of that good will. I…

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Wii Sports should come with a serious health warning. I was doing the boxing for just 15-20 minutes on Saturday and I’ve been crippled with shoulder/back pains since. I couldn’t sleep this morning because every time I tried to get comfortable I’d set the pain…

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Wii-lly Wii-lly Fun!

Who wants to come and play with my new Wiiiiiiii? YES :D I finally got one. I was playing on my GameCube (notice a Nintendo theme?) last night and casually told Karl to have a quick look on to see if it had spotted…

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Small Site Updates

After discussing RollerCoaster Tycoon earlier this month I went ahead and added a page for both 1 and 2, both with little tidbits on, as well as links to the demos for those of you who’ve never played before. I even bought a new copy…

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

I had forgotten how ace RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 is. There is only one thing better than creating a new rollercoaster that is an immediate success in terms of excitement — creating a new rollercoaster that brings in large quantities of cash and has that key…

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Wii Envy

My brother called me up at about 9:30pm Thursday evening to tell me he was in Tesco (local supermarket) and that he was queuing for a Wii. He was about 8th in line, they had 20 consoles to sell and he was offering to save…

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