Wii Envy

My brother called me up at about 9:30pm Thursday evening to tell me he was in Tesco (local supermarket) and that he was queuing for a Wii. He was about 8th in line, they had 20 consoles to sell and he was offering to save me a place…


I’ve been vowing that I’d wait until after Christmas to indulge in the latest Nintendo console because a) games will have dropped in price by then, b) any new-console bugs will have been figured out and fixed and c) the console itself may have dropped in price. That was before I saw it in action.

I got to play on the Wii yesterday. I now have Wii Envy. Yep, it’s a real medical condition caused by playing on someone else’s Wii. The futuristic console, smooth game play (Wii Sports ftw) and intuitive controls make this not just a console: it’s a bloody experience. There’s no fancy button combos to learn, no unnecessary fuss — just point and bowl, bat, punch, golf, etc. It’s fun, and I want one. :D


  1. You’ll just have to wait…:p

  2. Ooh, I want one of those too; they look so *fun*. Waiting, although may be a painful experience for you, is probably all for the best. a) games will have dropped in price by then, b) any new-console bugs will have been figured out and fixed and c) the console itself may have dropped in price These are all very good reasons! ;) I hope you’re feeling better. :)

  3. Jem

    09 Dec at 10:47 pm

    I hope you’re feeling better. :) I do, thank you for asking :)

  4. At least you got a go. *pouts* I had to watch my teacher play on hers on Friday morning, and she didn’t even offer me a go! I think she’s bringing it in next week, so I should get a go then! I’ll get it one day. Nintendo products tend to drop in price really quick, compared to other things, so maybe after Christmas.

  5. I’m no gamer but have heard this Wii thingy mentioned a few times now so I just did a search for this oddity and came back with prices ranging from ~

  6. i so want one aswell i think it is great they are whooping microsofts and sonys a**e. Come on nintendo.

  7. Well! You can always have a go on your brothers. :P

  8. I like the Trauma Center game. You get to cut, fix and stitch up patients or rather, victims. In the begining it’s easy and fun but it gets much harder as the game progresses. I stiched all over like crazy and got a “Good”. It’s funny.

  9. Well, you had my strategy…besides, Sony and Microsoft have nothing on Nintendo (as it should be). I remember when the GC price dropped…I was a happy girl. But, I hope you can hold back a few months and wait for them to find the glitches. Heh, although I think the news stories about people breaking their TVs after going ‘too far with Wii’ are hilarious.

  10. I really want a WII. They look so awesome, especially the tennis one. We’ll have to see, though, since I actually play tennis lol. That is still a good plan though, the whole wait for the deals thing. I’m usually like that =]

  11. Bah still too expensive for me. I’m planning on waiting a few years until lots of good games are realised and everything is much cheaper. Meanwhile, I’ll just hope people I know would have bought one and let me play. :D

  12. As someone who played a friend’s Wii in late November, I can relate to what you’re saying. I, too, suffer from this serious medical condition. Someone should really form a charity for us… God I want to play Wii Sports again.

  13. I turned down preordering one. Then, I turned down waiting in line for the first NA release. Then, my brother was going to buy me one the second week but he is a slacker. I didn’t care because I hadn’t seen one in action. Then I went to visit a friend and his younger brother had bought one. I am incredibly jealous. I pray that my brother will get me one for Christmas.

  14. Oh my goodness, if you get a Wii, you have to try the Rayman Raving Rabbids game and tell me how it is, because I really want it! Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  15. Oh my, I know how you feel… I went over to a friend’s house to see how the new Zelda game looks, and I was nearly to the point of drooling on his carpet. It’s a really amazing system and I can’t wait until I can get one myself… and until I can play Twilight Princess.

  16. Ah, but Jem, do you really want to break your television?: http://wiihaveaproblem.com/ I want a wii. D:

  17. Ha, one of my classmates went over to the supermarket to test the Wii while he had a lesson off in school.

  18. If you really really wanted to find one…… You could ;) http://www.uksoftwaretech.co.uk/products.asp?cat=67&sub=60 Just depends on HOW much your desire for it was.

  19. I want one too :(.

  20. I’m definitely not someone who’s into games like this but when I saw this consul I just wanted to have it… I still don’t but who knows maybe some day I’ll give in and it will own it’s proud place in my home.

  21. I got a Wii. My friend works at a gaming store and by a miracle he nabbed the last one and ran out the door with it to give it to me. XD It really is an experience. Two days of it and I’m still like “Wow”. Twilight Princess, Trauma Center and Wii Sports definitely FTW.

  22. I have yet to play a Wii. Your description sounds fantastic. Hopefully, you’ll get one soon!

  23. Ah, but Jem, do you really want to break your television?: http://wiihaveaproblem.com/ The last time I checked that site, not one person had used the strap.

  24. I too am trying to wait until the Holidays, I haven’t played it yet though BUT I reallllyyy want too. But I know if I play it now, I’ll end up buying it lol.

  25. I thought the Wii seemed interesting, but not as exciting as all the hype claimed. Then I went over to a friend’s house and played with one, and now I too have Wii envy. Nintendo ought to recruit us for testimonials! ;)

  26. Kudos to Nintendo for turning video games into exercise, very sneaky!

  27. I’ve heard very many complaints about the strap and how it breaks. Nintendo was obviously not expecting people to throw all of their weight into swinging their controllers and straps. Oh well, they finally decided to make an investigation into the problem and are probably going to release a newer, stronger strap for the Wii controlers. I love my Xbox, but there’s a lot of dust stuck in there. DVDs skip and randomly pause, and games lag a little and freeze. It’s very annoying. While I wasn’t a fan of Game Cube, I’m thinking about getting the Wii. I like Nintendo. I don’t want to play $650 for the PS3 and while I also love the Xbox 360, I want the Wii. It looks like a huge ammount of fun.

  28. I couldn’t even think any other console. So I asked from my boyfriend what if we bought it. I was sure that he’d say “What is it, no way, we don’t need such a thing.” (You always found out new things…) But no, apparently Wii is now also on ours shoppinglist, which is nice, of course.

  29. Just mooch off of his! :) Saves you money, and helps with your “Wii Envy”!

  30. I want a Wii too! Legend of Zelda: twilight princess is looking more attractive by the day. Frigging expensive though. :(

  31. Heh, even I, who usually knows nothing about video game consoles, know about the Wii — from my three younger brothers. They’re crazy about it, and I’ve also read about it in the paper. And haha, I was excited to hear “Tesco” — so it’s a British supermarket franchise, huh? We just got a new Tesco about 10 minutes away, very big. :o