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Wii Sports should come with a serious health warning. I was doing the boxing for just 15-20 minutes on Saturday and I’ve been crippled with shoulder/back pains since. I couldn’t sleep this morning because every time I tried to get comfortable I’d set the pain off again.

In other Wii news, I’ve bought Wii Play just for the ‘free’ Wii-mote and am seriously considering several games you guys recommended to me; thanks for those mini reviews.

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  1. Annie said:

    Oh yeah I forgot about the after-pain, whoops. Then again I think if you play on the Wii for hours then you’ll really feel the agony the next day.

  2. Karl said:

    Oh well, at least this will help you get in shape :P Have you ever tried lifting some dumbbells? It might help.

  3. Mallory said:

    Wii Boxing kills my arms. I did it on New Years, while drunk, and couldn’t use my arms for days. I mean really, I couldn’t brush my teeth or feed myself. I stick to bowling or tennis. And WarioWare is really cool. The mini games are crazy weird, but really fun. A great party game too. =D

  4. Lucia said:

    Shoulder/back pains? Yup, that’s the Wii! Happened to me too, the day after I played on my friend’s one. They should put that in the manual =P “Please note: dead-feeling shoulders and backs are perfectly normal, will disappear in twelve hours.” Eh great, I make it sound like it’s the actual shoulders and backs that will disappear in a few hours x_x

  5. Jordan said:

    Aaah Wii Play! Even though I was disappointed with it, I still ask Mark to play it. I like the “new” duck-shooting game that it included. Except Mark hates it–probably because I own his ass at it. I have yet to get extremely sore from playing with the Wii too much. I guess I’m just used to it now?

  6. Renate said:

    Wii-arm, it’s the new mouse-arm. If you at all have that word in English, I don’t really know and I can’t be bothered finding out now. Anyway, it’s the tennis that always gets me. Have you tried the Wii fitness age yet? If not, I completely understand. It scares me a bit – first time I tried it, it put me at about 50. FIFTY. I’m hardly half that age.

  7. Jem said:

    @Renate: my first Wii fitness age was 53, which I didn’t consider to be too bad, but after screwing up my shoulder I got a mighty 72! Eurgh :S

  8. Asia said:

    Heh heh, injurwii, that’s clever. Should it really come with a health warning? After all, if you were to actually go into any of the sports in the game, you go in knowing you could quite possibly get your lights knocked out. If people took Wii Sports for the Virtual Reality game it is, they’d be well prepared! Perhaps you ought to stretch before you play the game in the future. :P

  9. Kenna said:

    Silly Jem, it’s probably because you aren’t use to moving that way. I’m sure after some practice, it won’t hurt you. xD Did you stretches before playing? Hahah.

  10. Aaron said:

    I loved boxing but I think was a little too intense. I stuck with the tennis sport instead. It was much calmer and I was better at it.

  11. Chans said:

    Maybe it just shows how out of shape you are *innocent face*.. nah seriously I hope you feel better soon and it will probably stop being sore if you play it more often :)

  12. Hillarie said:

    *wants a Wii* Don’t worry, my arms would probably actually fall off! I may be thin, but I’m soooo out of shape! At least I have the summer ahead of me…

  13. Ashley said:

    I believe when you start up the Wii console, there’s a brief health warning that prompts you to press A :P Baseball destroyed my arm though hahaha.

  14. Mumblies said:

    Ibuprofen ! It’s a muscle relaxant-take one and you will be fine.That’s what they mean when they say gentle excersise

  15. Mat said:

    You are seriously unfit if you were injured from wii boxing. Perhaps that doctor was right to perscribe you a brisk walk :P Remember healthy body, healthy mind.

  16. Jem said:

    Perhaps that doctor was right to perscribe you a brisk walk :P … I’m really not sure how a brisk walk is going to stop me straining my shoulders, but thanks for your ..uh, concern.

  17. Naco said:

    Ouch, well I hope that game was worth it at least ;) I am excited, because I should finally be getting my Wii sometime next week plus about 7 games or so. Hope your back stops hurting though.

  18. Cat said:

    Ah, I know what you mean! I had sore arms after playing too much Wii golf. Perhaps I shouldn’t swing that hard ;) A few of my favorite Wii games are Rayman, Zelda, and Paper Mario. I was considering Trauma Center, but I have it on DS (it is amazingly fun though). Monkey Ball was a big disappointment, and Sonic was kind of mediocre.

  19. Sarah said:

    Wii boxing is seriously better than a workout at the gym, imo. In regards to new games: ZELDA ZELDA ZELDA. its awesome. It deserves to win the internet.

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