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Valid HTML/XHTML Trend

Validation — to validate HTML or XHTML — is the process of tidying up the syntax of a web page to conform to standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium, the group that develops the standards and guidelines of our beloved mark-up languages. Valid…

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Site Spring Cleaning

I have spent nearly every night this week procrastinating going back through old entries to tidy up typos, remove dead links and tag where necessary. I am now going through the “Just Blogged” threads on various forums so that the links point to accurate URLs…

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XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet

Those of you interested in coding and programing — specifically those of you who are dabbling with releasing your own scripts — are probably already aware of my lengthy rambles on sanitising input data, not trusting anything, etc etc. However, where I leave you to…

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Boy Do I Feel Guilty

tutorialtastic got just under 10,000 unique hits from StumbleUpon this week, and I didn’t even notice because I’ve been neglecting the site for so long. How bad does that make me feel? Terrible, I tell you. If you’re a tutorialtastic fan, don’t think too badly…

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New Sexy GIMP Layout

To celebrate my move to a superior operating system (too early for the fangirling?) I hereby release my latest layout. It’s got blue, it’s got ninjas, it’s got icons, a gradient, syndicated feeds… it must be some sort of web 2.0 mish-mash hodge-podge?! I’m trying…

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The New CSSbake

Some time in 2008 I approached Ben with a view to taking CSSbake off his hands. It hadn’t been updated in a while and it seemed such a shame to let a good domain name go to waste. Thankfully — because now my time is…

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