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Insert Bee Related Pun Here

One of the million things I’ve been trying to fit around Isabel’s naps, hospital, dentist appointments, vaccinations and heaven knows what else I’m forgetting lately is the quilting bee. Again. The winning layout from a contest we held last year has finally been coded up:…

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Feeling Rusty

For years I’ve wanted to turn my blog into a “tumble log” thing where I have different styles for different post types, and can share more of the crap I do/come across without writing a full blog entry. I started writing it, amongst other things,…

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NinjaLinks Update: Version 1.1

As a distraction from working on my own site, cssbake, and all of the other projects I’m way overdue on, I’ve done a huuuuge round of bug-fixes on NinjaLinks. Version 1.1 is now available to download. Overview of fixes Key: ‘M’ minor changes – aesthetic…

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Ooh! Naked Again

It’s CSS Naked Day again :) Websites all over the world are stripping off to show you that, even without styles, a well-coded and semantically inclined site will still be readable. Visit the naked day site for more information and instructions on how to take…

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