A Clean Slate?

I’ve had a potentially absurd idea. I can’t remember what inspired it, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go ahead with it. I’ve decided that if I’m going to “fix” whatever is wrong with my mental health at the moment, that the best way to start is with a completely clean slate. By… read more →

Goodbye 2013! Goodbye CMPI!

We made a rather interesting discovery on Christmas Day. It wasn’t intentional; Oliver helped himself to some of Isabel’s chocolate buttons – mouth stuffed so full that chocolatey dribble was oozing out of the corners – and we figured in for a penny, in for a pound and put proper butter and cream in the… read more →

Dairy Free

Excuse typos, blogging from my phone. It’s now over a week since I went dairy free to see if it would improve Oliver’s mood / sleep / digestion. Since then: # Oliver is sleeping better. # We’ve not had any night-long screaming. # We’re seeing an overall improvement in mood in general with things that… read more →

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Food, Fussiness and Intolerances

I read a post on Frugal Queen‘s blog last month where she answered reader’s questions. One question asked how she kept everyone in the family happy when there were lots of mouths to feed. FQ’s response was typical “it’s not happened to me so it must not be real” ignorant nonsense: If you have fussy… read more →