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Goodbye 2013! Goodbye CMPI!

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We made a rather interesting discovery on Christmas Day. It wasn’t intentional; Oliver helped himself to some of Isabel’s chocolate buttons – mouth stuffed so full that chocolatey dribble was oozing out of the corners – and we figured in for a penny, in for a pound and put proper butter and cream in the mashed potatoes at dinner too. (That was the highlight of my day, just so you know.)

That night he DIDN’T wake every 20 minutes screaming, like he did prior to us going dairy free 9+ months ago and he DIDN’T spend all night thrashing about with stomach pain.

Just to be sure, we let him eat dairy products on Boxing Day too. And the day after, and the day after. This week he’s had cheese, yoghurt, and milk on his cereal with not so much as a burp of malcontent from the CMPI. I feel I need to touch wood (and hug a Baileys) as I write this but I think the CMPI might have buggered off.

I’ll be celebrating with cheesecake and ice cream, fyi.

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