A Clean Slate?

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I’ve had a potentially absurd idea. I can’t remember what inspired it, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go ahead with it.

I’ve decided that if I’m going to “fix” whatever is wrong with my mental health at the moment, that the best way to start is with a completely clean slate. By that I mean my body, in its natural state: no artificial hormones, no sugar / booze / caffeine to get me through the bad nights and shit days.

I run out of my current prescription of birth control pills on Friday, so as of Saturday up until and including March 1st, I’m starting … well, I’m loathe to use the word “detox” because it’s usually bullshit marketing hype for dodgy “green” products that do bugger all for your liver but certainly make your wallet thinner – but that’s kinda what it is. In addition to stopping my pill, I am going to attempt the Whole30 program, and I’m going to cut out the coffee as per #30 of my 30 things before I’m thirty challenge. I’m going to try and ‘reset’ my body so that it can do its thing, whatever that might be.

I know I can give up alcohol for a month. I know I can give up dairy for even longer. I am fairly sure I can even give up coffee. However, given that I’ve failed two previous attempts to cut out sugar (and that’s while being ‘allowed’ to eat bread, pasta, etc) I am pretty much crapping myself.

But I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.


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  1. adastra said:

    It’s definitely possible, because I have been (sort of) living like that for about 8 years! Let me explain one by one:

    Birth control: I used to take the pill for a couple of years sometime between 2002 and 2005. However, I stopped taking it after I broke up with my then-boyfriend and was single for a few years. Though I’m in a relationship right now (and have been for a long time), I never considered taking the pill again. It has too many disadvantages anyway.

    Caffeine: I have never in my life had coffee. OMG, I know, right?! But I never felt the urge to have coffee. So how do I stay awake, you ask? Well, a very regular sleeping pattern is my secret. I go to bed at 11 and I wake up at 7 (or 8, if my alarm doesn’t go off).

    I still feel tired sometimes, and I’ve just learned to deal with it. If I really, seriously fear I might fall asleep in an important situation (e.g. during a seminar or at work), I’ll have a piece of Scho-Ka-Kola, but that happens only about once or twice a year. It’s also important for me to not have a heavy lunch, otherwise I might fall asleep half an hour later.

    I also don’t drink Coke or any other caffeinated drinks. Actually, I don’t really drink anything other than water 99% of the time. If I go to a restaurant or visit friends, I might occasionally have a Coke, a Ginger Ale or a fruit juice, but never at home. Water is really the best option altogether, because it doesn’t come with any sugars, preservatives or other dodgy stuff and it also helps the body a lot more than other drinks.

    Alcohol: I haven’t really had alcohol in about 8 years. I have had plenty in my wild youth – been there, done that. I don’t drink alcohol because I never really liked the taste, it is expensive, just having it for social reasons seems silly to me, the hangover is annoying, and I’m not a big fan of what it does to the body & mind. It’s perfectly possible to live without alcohol. There’s just the initial getting-over-the-peer-pressure and convincing your friends that yes, really, I don’t want any

    Sugar: I admit that sugar, or more accurately chocolate, is my only vice. I just love chocolate, and I can’t help having some if there’s some in the house. However, I have managed to live entirely without chocolate for a couple of months in 2013 (and I even lost 7 pounds as a result of that!), and also last September. Currently my chocolate-consumption is way too high again, and I intend to not have any chocolate for all of February. We’ll see how that works out…

    I’m fairly happy with my lifestyle. I have occasional mood swings just as anyone (usually cycle-related), but allover, I’d say I’m pretty healthy.

    Anyway, YOU CAN DO IT! :)

    • Jem said:

      I’m impressed that you’ve never drunk coffee! Although luckily for me I don’t drink it to combat tiredness, more just out of habit / I like the taste. I used to drink 8-12 cups a day but went off it when I was pregnant and now only have a couple or so cups in the morning so giving it up should (in theory) be fairly easy.

      Guess we’ll see soon enough! :D

    • Kalliste said:

      I’m with you on the caffeine/coffee front. I don’t drink coffee or coke either. I enjoy that I don’t need a coffee in the morning ‘to get going’ like so many people I know. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I drank multiple cups a day just to stay awake!

      Sugar is my biggest weakness.. I love snacking on all the sweet things and sometimes can’t stop myself.. must.. keep.. going but probably not really.. I’m sure my body is screaming ‘No!’

      I’ve been on The Pill for.. a really long time.. 13 years I think it is now and at this point I can’t see that changing. For contraception purposes we still use condoms too but I like that the pill regulates my cycle and I skip 2 out of every 3 periods which makes life a whole lot easier.

      Good luck with the endeavour Jem :) Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you have bad days, just take it slow.

  2. Antigone said:

    I’ve found that, for me, giving up a bunch of stuff at once is so overwhelming and then I just end up wanting ALL THE THINGS. Of course you know yourself better but if you are finding it too hard possibly try just one or two things at a time and see if that’s easier.

    I think it’s a great idea because most people don’t really realize how all that stuff can affect your mood and body SO MUCH.

  3. Samantha J. Bird said:

    Yes, you can do it! You can, you can!

    What I reckon has helped me is that, because there is NO room for treat/cheat days and slip-ups, I’m much more aware of whether or not x-food is worth having to start over for. Also, I think I’d be more inclined to consume more treats if I was allowed to have SOME – moderation is harder than none at all, for me.

    Good luck! If there’s anything I can do to support, just get in touch. :)