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Apparently we now use javascrip. Perhaps the ‘t’ was causing unknown browser compatibility errors or something. Who knows! Today’s funny brought to you by the same website that gave you: ..and.. Just say no to proofreading.

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tutorialtastic CMS

I’ve been working on tutorialtastic over the past two days because creating the page, writing the page, uploading the page, etc can get incredibly tedious — in fact it puts me off publishing tutorials in the first place (some of you see this as a…

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Photo Friday: Pink

I really must take some new photos. Click the ‘preview’ photo for the bigger image. PS. If you saw a different photo originally, that’s ’cause I changed my mind about 3 minutes after posting the first photograph.

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Harvest Moon

I bought Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Gamecube. It is incredibly like that TV program from years ago where the guy and his missus give up their jobs to do things the old-fashioned way.. growing their own food etc. I’m sure it’s called…

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Five Random Things

Alright, so it’s been over a month since I promised Sarah/Noir I’d do the 5 random things about me ‘meme’ (I still don’t get that word) after she ‘tagged’ me but better late than never. Oh, and apparently there are rules or something too: Rules:…

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Referral Logs

I’ve been keeping an eye on my referral logs since I released BB3.1 so I know who’s using it and so I can keep track of potential bugs or ideas for new features (thinking about BB3.2 already!) So, when I came across a forum earlier…

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New Theme, Smilies

As most of you have already noticed, there’s a new fluid Yellow theme as well as three sets of smilies in my other stuff section including instructions for WordPress and BellaBook3.1. Now it’s time to go back to bed I think. *snore* My e-mail problem…

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Frickin’ BE Browsing

I’ve been browsing around using BlogExplosion for the past 20 minutes or so, waiting for Karl to finish work. It’s ideal for moments like this when I’m bored out of my skull but can’t be arsed to do anything constructive like script writing.. only, there’s…

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New Default Theme

There’s a new default theme. If things are looking a little bit screwy, do a hard refresh (CTRL & F5) to sort it out. The cloud style themes (and others of the same size/style) have been temporarily removed because I’ve got to do a bit…

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