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Random Food Thought #1

Don’t ever make homemade Macaroni Cheese with Red Leicester cheese, even if the BBC Food recipe website thingy tells you too. Do however buy a small baguette, cut it in half lengthways, drop several small knobs of butter along the squishy side (opposite of the…

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Switching Domain Registrars

If the site goes down at some point over the next few days, it’s because I’m switching registrars to 1and1.co.uk. The domain is coming up for renewal in April, and these guys are cheaper than the people my Aunt kept renewing it with. They also…

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Fake Comments

I just found this Haloscan page in my referrer logs which ontains a comment from “me” (my name and website url) — regarding somebody closing their website — posted at 7:05 this morning. For those not wanting to click the link, it says: Is this…

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Review: pixelfx.org

Ah, I had one of those moments yesterday where I visited a website and it just screamed “review me”. About 9 hours later and I finally think I’ve finished. That is, unless I decide to “have a moment” and add to it. I won’t post…

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Just Updates

Just a list of updates, for those who don’t check every single one of my pages every single day, you lazy gits.. In keeping with my new addiction, I’ve added my findings so far on Harvest Moon. First, a price list showing what Van will…

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Job Interview

I had a job interview at a local school this morning for an ICT techie job. I had a bit of a moment at first where I was trying to get my laptop out of its bag to demonstrate the kind of thing I could…

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Apparently we now use javascrip. Perhaps the ‘t’ was causing unknown browser compatibility errors or something. Who knows! Today’s funny brought to you by the same website that gave you: ..and.. Just say no to proofreading.

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