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It occurred to me on the way home (ten minutes of random thoughts) that there are more advantages to not playing to society’s idea of a “proper woman” than I originally thought. I always enjoyed baffling those who choose to criticise what I wear/how I look with tongue-twisting and witty retaliation. However, thinking about it, there’s a whole load of other advantages too!

For example: it’s a time saver. I don’t waste an hour in the morning and then more time throughout the day applying and re-applying make-up. This also helps me avoid having to scrape shit off of my face with a knife — because apparently it is trendy to apply your foundation with a shovel. Not using make-up also helps keep away unsightly giant boils and blocked pores which the tarts females at college seem to enjoy having. (That doesn’t mean the hormones don’t affect my face.. *groan*)

It also helps avoid unwanted attention. Dressing down in huge (yet comfy) t-shirts and my boring black trousers/jeans is a massive turn off for most men, which is an absolute God-send! It means I can walk through the street without being stared at/whistled at. Knowing that people find me attractive is all well and good, but that is what Karl is for — making me feel loved.. he does it so well!

I don’t have a reputation for being a slag/slapper. It is so nice to be able to sit and get on with my work in class instead of getting involved in teenage drama and slanging matches across the classroom. It also means that other females don’t tend to feel as threatened (as they so often do), and ignore me (a huge plus; teenage girls are so bitchey.)

Relaxing. Definitely relaxing! I don’t have to worry about who’s looking down my top, or up my skirt. I can sit and relax without worrying which way my layers of flab are falling out of my clothing. I don’t have to worry about shaving my legs three times a day because I am wearing a belt tiny skirt. I can be myself, wear what I want and because I feel comfy — I have the confidence to do new things!

So cheap too. I don’t rush out to each and every store I find to try and find designer clothes and trendy trainers. I don’t spend

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  1. Jordie said:

    You seem to be very sure that girls who dress like Barbies do it solely to be trendy, but I don’t think this is true for the vast majority of them. Society demands that kind of dress sense, if that makes sense. Girls who rely on their good nature to guide them through life generally receive less attention, especially from men. If you don’t want attention, that’s all fine and dandy, but there are some, like me, who care very much about how they look and about what people think of them. Just my two cents.

  2. Amelie said:

    Old post but I’ll comment on it anyway: My thoughts exactly. I don’t do make up/fashionable clothing/tarty crap/blah blah blah. This got me the reputation of being scruffy and cheap at school (“lyk3 omg uR sho3s r lyk3 t0tale3 lyke EW”) but then again people were always looking for reasons to make fun of me at school so there was another reason. I did go through a phase of wearing a but of eyeshadow every day for school but I grew out of it. Heh.

  3. Manon said:

    I got a LOT of attention in school since my chest develloped early and MUCH. I know what you mean about wanting to avoid the attention. I also don’t wear makeup and for most of the reasons you mentioned. If I wear some to a wedding or something, I can do it and it looks as though I don’t have any, just using shadows and highlights. As far as clothes, they’ll have to bury me in my jeans and tshirts… I think heels should be out-lawed as well as short skirts. It’s a problem when women dress to get the attention and then complain that men are such pigs… well d’hu!!

  4. Amber said:

    Well I like your reasoning and everything but I love makeup and clothes. Not to get attention from the opposite sex but because I like to feel good and look good. It makes me more confident in every aspect. Just because I like to wear makeup and follow – some – of the trends doesn’t mean I spend a ridiculous amount of money in the sales, dress as a tart and have skirts that barely cover my butt… I think the way you dress shows some of your personality and I like to look neat, organised, even if it does require wearing a little bit of makeup. I also found that when I dressed how you described I received more attention – of the bad kind – for some reason. Just my opinions ;)

  5. Carly said:

    When I’m at uni, I won’t bother wearing any makeup or dressing up – but for work I’ll load on the eyeliner & eyeshaddow. This simply is cus I look prettier, so people tip me more… lol