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Anything and everything vaguely internet related. Blogging, industry, social media: if you can find it online, I've talked about it in here.

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Domain Names

Now that my idiot-induced, thobbing vein of a rage at the stupidity of some internet thieves has boiled over, I can return to normal posting. I apologise to my non-drama-driven readers for that momentary outburst. I was reading an entry over at Jeff Hendrickson Design…

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Sucks To Be You Now

The one major downside to offering free stuff — graphics; photography; tutorials; scripts or in this case: wordpress themes — is that there’s always someone out there willing to steal them, and then butcher the fuck out of them with their ugly stolen celebrity photos.…

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Writing Your Own CMS

Firstly, this is not a tutorial on how to write your own Content Management System (CMS).. if I were to write a tutorial on creating a basic CMS it’d be featured on tutorialtastic. This is just a list of things to consider when you decide…

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Trendy Active CSS Tabs

You know how CSS navigation is all the rage, and that some people are going as far as having the current tab a different colour or style so that people know what page they’re on? Well, it’s easier to achieve than you think. No fiddling…

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You Get What You Pay For!

It’s funny, the last time I was looking to switch my host I was given the URL to several times — “because they’re the cheapest around!” Well, you certainly get what you bloody pay for, and I’m glad I went for the tiny-bit-more-expensive site5.…

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Success of BellaBook

It might seem pompous or pretentious to sit here, about to discuss the success of BellaBook, when it clearly isn’t on the same level as WordPress and other scripts of that ilk. On the other hand, it has it’s fair share of users.. and that…

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