Fanlisting Funny and a New Layout

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I have to confess that when I create a new fanlisting, copying and pasting an existing hand-made admin page is easier than completely re-writing what will basically be the same thing with a few changes. So having just copied and renamed the mayo admin page for my new fanlisting, Pigeon Guano, I did a generic Search and Replace and switched mayo for postal. This worked a treat, until I came to the line of my script which deals with the approval e-mail:

the fanlisting for the yummy and versatile condiment: postalnnaise

I am amused.

Moving on before my laugh of the day loses it’s humourous ‘edge’; the new look for Review-You has been uploaded and with the merging of The Review Files complete it is open again for your perusal. The main (R-Y) queue is unfortunately full at the moment, but don’t let that stop you having a look around!

Edit: Only one day to go before the reboot..

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