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Anything and everything vaguely internet related. Blogging, industry, social media: if you can find it online, I've talked about it in here.

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People Annoy Me

It amazes me how frickin’ stupid some people are. You’ve been “hacked” before because of someone else’s lack of interest in updating their own script. You get your website back online and you’re at a forum and people are discussing how insecure another script is…

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Surpass Hosting Users Beware

As most of you are aware, some issues were found with some of the CodeGrrl scripts late last year and an announcement was made with the necessary fixes. Unfortunately, despite these fixes being easily and freely available people still ignored the risks (despite hundreds being…

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Some General Updates

I have made some changes to the file that controls comment processing over the past two days — this should allow me to be a bit less strict with the ‘bad word’ list which means no more errors for you genuine commenters. Hopefully. Please let…

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Use code Not textarea

Take a quick look at a handful of teen tutorial websites and you will notice a recurring trend: code is distributed through a multitude of <textarea>s. While these are often coloured, in an attempt at creating some sort of consistent colour scheme, it is rare…

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Safe Dynamic Includes

I was directed to’s Dynamic Inclusion tutorial yesterday by somebody who has been using it, and as a result have been “hacked” — index page defaced as well as a fake banking website/etc put on her web space. This girl could potentially land in…

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Spotting Insecure Scripts

With the current surge in “hackings” (or rather: script kiddies exploiting known holes to deface websites that don’t support their view on the war) I’ve been going through a lot of scripts to find common and easy to fix vulnerabilities. With my fingers crossed, and…

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