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April Fools Jokes

 |  Interwebs

As usual, the divide between the Internet and age old customs has been broken, and several large websites are out there boasting their April Fools day pranks. Some are funny, some are not so funny.

ThinkGeek has a USB Desktop Tanning Center and a Grow Your Own 1up Mushroom Kit and Google has brought out Google Romance. This is funny stuff.

So what’s not so funny? SNOG! gone pink. Having supposedly been sold to a bimbo called “Sparkles” (current theories: Renay/Valerie in disguise) and backed up with an angsty (and quite offensive) livejournal post.. it’s no surprise that the community is in turmoil. A spin-off has been created with members expressing their anger at this so-called joke, and others being accused of abandoning SNOG!/Renay.

Deary, deary me. I’m staying out of the pranks this year — I still get people asking me how my baby is from my pregnancy prank several years ago. Oops.

Edit: I just found a list of mainstream website pranks listed on wikipedia on a forum, thought some of you guys (and gals) might get a giggle out of some of them. :) My favourite is probably Homestar Runner.

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16 comments so far

  1. Amelie said:

    SNOG! isn’t funny. If the admins admitted that it was a joke it would be slightly better, but with their current standing of OMG DON’T BE SO RUDE TO OUR NEW OWNER!!!1 I’m just not seeing it. Playful pranks are fine (yay Google XD ) but “serious” ones aren’t.

  2. Seven said:

    Ahh, I love the Google one. DeviantArt has a prank saying they’re merging with MySpace and I was pretty shocked at how many people were falling for that one.

  3. Tish said:

    Haha, I think Micro Mart has been doing some April Fool jokes too. I persuaded my Mum to get me a copy today in Tesco, and I must say, the people can’t spell. I quote “Notebook hard drives are usefull external storage devices”. God almighty. There are a number of gramatically incorrect sentences floating about too. I wish people could be more literate these days. Especially writers.

  4. Lee said:

    I saw the one about Wordpattern and that’s really it, years back I remember going through the daily papers looking for those stories that were typically April fools.

  5. Rosemarie said:

    the snog one doesn’t bother me :P I barely post there anyway… I couldn’t think of anything to do to my site that hasn’t been done a million times already, so… tough. I can’t even think of anything to do in real life. My imagination sucks XD

  6. Shannon said:

    Gah… Hehe. Neopets currently has one called “NeoCharge.” Where they supposedly now charge you neopoints for the pages you go on. I may have a sadistic sense of humour, but I think it’s hilarious. Though… everyone else seems to be freaking out and thinking it’s real. Other people are mass-refreshing just so their “bill” will reach 100k or something.

  7. Chrissy said:

    How is that NOT funny? Oh man, a joke so awesome it makes people angry and causes drama? That’s the best April Fool’s joke of all, because it proves just how foolish everyone hardcore wrapped up in it is. HAHA! GENIUS! Way better than fake Google Romance.

  8. Joni said:

    Aw, I missed the livejournal post and now it’s not there anymore…I wanted to see what everyone was making a fuss about on SNOG but I guess I missed it. It sounds like it was funny though, but I suppose that’s what I get for not going there as much as I used to. :P

  9. Jordie said:

    Eh. Some people really lose out on April Fool’s Day pranks. I was never really good at them. Once I wrapped a hardboiled egg in chocolate egg wrap and another time I thought of substituting our plain milk for water mixed with white paint, only to decide against it (I would have never forgiven myself if someone got food poisoning from my paint-milk). Surely the SNOG members must have realised by now that Renay won’t ever leave them.

  10. Carly said:

    Over at sway forum, we planned a prank from January, that involved posting in a secret girl’s forum, then ‘accidently’ breaking it so that the boys could get access from april. We posted fake boob pics, stories about naughty things and chatted about naughty toys in there – all jokes and lies of course! The boys were fooled, all except one – who in the end figured everything out! It was a laugh though!

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