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Anything and everything vaguely internet related. Blogging, industry, social media: if you can find it online, I've talked about it in here.

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Why Should I Pay?

Mint, my stats tracker of choice, was upgraded recently. There’s even a nice little button which has appeared at the top of my install telling me so (). How sweet… and yet completely pointless because I can’t see me upgrading anytime soon. “!?!” you proclaim.…

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Shut Your Bitching

I was sent the link to Beautiful Day/Piczo Help earlier as a nomination for a Pants Awards. I was going to give one but I can’t be bothered to type all that crap out so I will say: shut your bloody whining you ungrateful tit.…

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On Useless Tutorial Websites

Forget rounded corners, forget one-column layouts — web tutorials are definitely hot at the moment. Or, maybe as I gain knowledge myself I’m noticing other people’s poor attempts more? Either way, every day I find a new handful of websites and each one seems to…

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