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Anything and everything vaguely internet related. Blogging, industry, social media: if you can find it online, I've talked about it in here.

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CSS Naked Day, 07

Cover your eyes if you’re easily corrupted — jemjabella is naked! Just like last naked day, I’m taking part to demonstrate that when stripped of styling is still useable, browseable and most importantly: readable. Such is the benefit of separating visual style from mark-up.…

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Ethics of Stats Tracking

I was recommending Mint recently as an excellent way of keeping an eye on click-through, a good way to find out exactly where visitors are going, how they’re getting in (whether through a link, Google search), etc.. and I was asked the question “is it…

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No, I’m not being rude and I’m not swearing at you… I’ve just finished reading a book (The Non-Designers Design Book — Robin Williams) and have learnt that “CRAP” is the best way of remembering the four basic design principles: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity.…

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I Bee Appreciated

I’ve been feeling a bit rough today, what with a possible cold slowly approaching and the knowledge that I have far too much on — ‘socially’; that’s before I take into consideration what I have to do for work — and no motivation to do…

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More Claims to Fame

A couple of my spring pictures have been ‘featured’ on the website of a local newspaper (“Jem of Jackfield”; that has a nice ring to it) after I spotted them accepting Spring picture submissions. This coincides nicely with me re-adding some of my pictures to…

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What is UP with WordPress?

I’ve tried to comment on about 12-15 blogs this past couple of days. All using WordPress, all ATE my comment. Not literally ate, but put me into moderation each time. It’s beginning to get really bloody irritating, because I know for a fact that I…

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