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Some General Updates

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I have made some changes to the file that controls comment processing over the past two days — this should allow me to be a bit less strict with the ‘bad word’ list which means no more errors for you genuine commenters. Hopefully. Please let me know if you have any issues adding a comment.

Remember the Micro Mart magazine that I sent a letter to criticising their recommendations of deprecated coding, and then awarded a pants award to? Thought you might like to know that the editor visited and ‘collected‘ his award in person. He told me It’s just I haven’t won a prize before, so was all excited :-)

A BellaBuffs user made my day yesterday. I was doing a quick google search on it to see if anyone was blogging/posting in forums about bugs or feedback and found this:

Bellabuffs is SWEET! The creator of the script seriously made this easier for us (well that is, if you are very well familiar with PHP includes…). We don’t need to update separate pages manually when it comes to affilies and adding link buttons and all that! This is the sweetest script that’s ever been written!

How awesome is that? :D (Thank you

A huge congratulations to my brother who picked up his GCSE results today and has passed all 10. He said that’s got another 2 on the way that he’s definitely passed too, so that’s 12 in total. I didn’t even have the option to take that many in my day! Well done, Kristofer.

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  1. Mae said:

    thanks for the quick reply jem! and congrats to your brother and you of course! Those words are every programmer’s dream :D You really deserve the praise you know, even if I couldn’t understand your post whenever you start ranting about php codes heh :P Keep it up! ^.^

  2. Stephanie said:

    Haha, that’s great that they were so cool about the pants award. Did you resend them the errors letter? And tell your brother congrats, he deserves it. Buy him cake and be nice to him for a day ;) …okay, maybe only an hour. I have a younger brother too, it’s hard…

  3. Xeronia said:

    Yes, congrats to your brother! Glad of the good news for Bellabuffs! I’ve checked it out, and it’s a good script. I’d probably use it if I ever opened a fanlisting.

  4. Vera said:

    He did NOT! *is laughing histerically* Does he KNOW why you gave him this award? Or did he just jump at the occasion of… getting a pictures of pants?

  5. Shannon said:

    That’s awesome, on the subject of the pants award. @Vera: Actually, I think that he collected the award because even he, yes, knew that this was an honor! To be recognized by Jem. Imagine!

  6. Adrianne said:

    Hi Jem! My name is Adrianne, and I own amnosNET. I just want to say thank you for the Bellabuffs script. I have been looking high and low for a new fanlisting script as my collection of Arashi-related (Japanese boy group) fanlistings had been wiped out by my former host (okay, they completely wiped out my whole site due to the hacking/spamming through the PHP scripts that I have been using for my fansite that they failed to even point to me which scripts were insecure– other than PHP fanbase). Originally I wanted to use PHP fanlist but Bellabuffs just made it easier for me (text-based!) to configure. Ever since then I’ve been a frequent visitor to both your blog and Tutorialtastic. Thank you again Jem!

  7. Chans said:

    Ooh man at least he took the it well and collected his pants award. I just wonder if he realizes the mockery of it. That’s really good feedback about Bellabuffs. I’ve just applied for a fanlisting and if it gets accepted I’ll definitely look into using it! Congrats to your brother :)

  8. Chans said:

    ooh and on adding a comment; no problems so far only it’s a bit hard to read sometimes when there is a lot of text and no paragraphs (even if you type them paragraphed into the comment box).

  9. Kris (jems bro) said:

    Just like to say thx, to all who said Grtz, and i agree with the cake thing :P get me a cake jem :D mmmmmm caaakee

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