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People Annoy Me

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It amazes me how frickin’ stupid some people are.

You’ve been “hacked” before because of someone else’s lack of interest in updating their own script. You get your website back online and you’re at a forum and people are discussing how insecure another script is right in front of your eyes. Do you: a) continue your installation of that exact same script and advertise the fact that you’ve just installed it or b) delete any trace of it from your account and install a secure alternative (or do it manually for once: God forbid!)

Tell me, please, that sane/normal people pick b? Makes me wonder why I even bloody bother.

(And why is it that I can sit in a room with a group of amazing graphic designers all day and still come home and feel completely uninspired and useless when it comes to designing my own website?)

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  1. Amelie said:

    @Jem: True, there are an awful lot of people who install really crap and insecure scripts because “OMG BUT NUTHINS EVAR HAPPENND 2 ME!1!!!1” and/or they don’t care. It annoys me as well, but if stupid people aren’t going to listen then just let them get h4x0r3d.

  2. Corinne said:

    “OMG BUT NUTHINS EVAR HAPPENND 2 ME!1!!!1” Ok, that definately had me laughing. Well, Jem, just so you know that your efforts have not gone to waste, I listen to your advice, and the advice of others who are also knowledgeable all the time. :) I’m not sure why others don’t listen. I’ve been to many sites offering downloads of those insecure scripts, and it’s kind of funny when you hear about them getting hacked. Personally, I think if you don’t know anything about the subject (like myself) the smartest, most rational, thing to do is listen to those who DO.

  3. Corinne said:

    Oy, I used a different email address, now I have to be approved again. @Jem: I did want to ask you if there was another way to use your mail form in word press, because you can’t use php scripts.

  4. Manda said:

    Ah, I know who you’re talking about. Or at least, one person in particular – I’m sure there’s a lot more than one. I was just as shocked as you were when they said “I’ve finished installing this script!” when others had *just* been discussing how insecure said script was. I always listen to your advice (and others who are far more experienced than I am in the field of PHP security and whatnot) when it comes to scripts and PHP security, I can’t ever imagine why someone would not care about their own security…

  5. Stephanie said:

    Man, if I even discussed the fact that I had installed that script in the past I would be deleting the old entries I made. And trust me — being forced into creativity at school and work really takes from you personally. I’m dying a slow death here, inspiration-wise.

  6. Louise said:

    Although hacking is an everyday thing, it doesn’t happen to everyone – so I’m sure that’s why certain people imagine it must be ok to use these scripts. Most teens have this “It’ll never happen to me” belief. Arg, I know the feeling. I’m either going to feel inspired, or out-done… which doesn’t help much.

  7. Vera said:

    Well depends on what “hacked” means: i.e. someone deleted all my files… or just plain spam? If it’s spam, I suffered through it, because I crave comments, and couldn’t bear to go without it. But I generally, do some investigations before installing any kind of script.

  8. Jem said:

    @Manda: oh, you’re probably aware of the “tip of the iceberg”, but there are tons of people doing it. Visit any teen board (Kawaii Ville, Jet Setter MB, etc) where someone has mentioned/quoted my Unsafe Scripts article and at least one person underneath says “oh, but I like that one LOLZ!” The stupidity of it is astounding.

  9. Bubs said:

    “oh, but I like that one LOLZ!” hehehehehe If they’re younger, they probably don’t have a clue what it means to run ‘unsafe scripts’ or ‘be hacked’ (I know I didn’t) even after reading your articles. And, like you said, usually youth have the ‘it won’t happen to me’ mentality.

  10. Corinne said:

    “… they probably don’t have a clue what it means to run ‘unsafe scripts’ or ‘be hacked’ (I know I didn’t) even after reading your articles.” Buy a dictionary. I mean, I’m assuming they are what at least 13? If they know what the script is, it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand when you say that using it is unsafe, that to use it would be unsafe.

  11. Emily said:

    Hehe, that was muah at Jet Setter :P And some of those dorks are still having problems comprehending this “ginormous” piece of info. I posted it at another mb, I only got 2 replys at this one, neither of them being the “OMG BUTT I LYYKKEEE ITTT

  12. Belinda said:

    Hehe, I know what thrad you’re referring to XD It’s a pretty stupid thing to do. I’m really surprised that you take the time to help so many people, though. Meh, I’d just let them get screwed.

  13. Chans said:

    Stupid people are everywhere, this just proves it once again. If you know nothing about a subject but you want to do something with it, first thing you do is gather information and read feedback / advice on certain things. If you do know something about the subject and you still decide to go with something that’s not secure than my shoelaces probably have more brains than those people.

  14. Julia said:

    @Louise I noticed that you (maybe unintentionally) targeted teens as a whole in your post. Please realize that we are not all ignorant and naive. There are those like my friend and I who do not ignore the advce of wiser, more experienced people in various fields. If I misinterpereted that bit of your post, I apologize.

  15. Louise said:

    @Julia: I said “most” not “all” – This is based on my own observation of teenagers and young adults, rather than proven knowledge. I know not everyone is a risk-taker, but as Bubs said, “usually youth have the ‘it won’t happen to me’ mentality.” Hmm, I actually just did repeat what she said. :P

  16. Nan said:

    “continue your installation of that exact same script and advertise the fact that you’ve just installed it” Oh my! That is just hilarious!

  17. Jordie said:

    You know, I wouldn’t put it past these people to read this entry and comment, “Hacking? What’s that?” Stupidity knows no bounds, seriously. When humanity thought it had hit rock bottom, the idiots took out picks and shovels.

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