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We had some sunshine here in jemjabella-land today, so despite the chill in the air, everyone was wrapped up warm and shoved into the garden (and as such both kids were asleep for 6:30pm despite Oliver having late nap!) I’ve re-potted my strawberry babies from the runners last year into their allotted tyre and did some more weeding. With the garlic planted a week or so ago, I’m already on my way to a self-sufficient(ish) summer of veg :)

Karl and I also tackled a spur of the moment DIY project this morning: dragging the horrible cupboard carousel out of our big corner cupboard and replacing it with a proper shelf. It’s one of those crappo kitchen gadgets that looks ingenious but in reality takes up more space than it gives in storage. Having removed it we’ve managed to put loads more stuff away and made a heck of a lot more room for tins and bulk food bits.

Anyway, here goes, meal plan for more of the month (including the days I’d missed):

  • 15th: Pizza night
  • 16th: Toad in the hole
  • 17th: Leftover sausages, homemade chips
  • 18th: Tuna pasta bake
  • 19th: Swede & bacon pie
  • 20th: Broccoli soup & homemade bread rolls
  • 21st: Use-up-the-veg frittata
  • 22nd: Use-up-the-frittata fried rice
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  1. Amelie said:

    You have (well, had) one of those God-awful carousel things too? Gah, hate ours SO MUCH. Worst design ever, can’t get a single thing in or out due to the way the doors were put on. Wouldn’t mind seeing what you did with yours so I can finally be inspired to get rid of ours!