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From the early days as an IT Technician to my first web developer role, going self-employed for the first time, managing a team of developers and going back and forth to office work. The entire history of my work roles and all the pros and cons of working for myself can be found in here.

Taking it Personally

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I had a couple of clients (rightly) tell me off this week because schedules had slipped and this wasn’t communicated as well as it could have been. I only have myself to blame, and I don’t mind being honest about it. I should have better… read full entry →

First Week

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So, it’s been just over a week since I returned working from home. A week of exercising self-control, willpower and planning. A week of trying out a new routine, of getting used to waking up in the morning thinking “I don’t want to go to… read full entry →

Laptop Limbo (and some news)

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As I count down the days til I’m back at my desk at home, I feel like I’m in sort of “work limbo” right now. I’m actively seeking and quoting for freelance opportunities — some of which are looking more positive than others — but… read full entry →

Flippity Flop

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Keeping with the “posts I didn’t think I’d write” theme, I have some slightly less traumatic but otherwise Important Life Stuff news. Having earlier this week spent the Nth (I’ve lost count) night waking up — tossing and turning — stressing about work, I decided… read full entry →

What’s your process?

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One of the things I am really keen on doing this year is to improve my workflow / development process. I have a very “make it up as I go along” approach to building a website (as demonstrated by my live dev ;)) which I… read full entry →

No Regrets

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I’ve waxed lyrical on and off social media recently about the benefits of going back to work on my mood (and sanity) and I think, in the process, somehow given off this impression that working for myself was the worst thing I’ve ever done and… read full entry →


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So apparently working 9-5 and then 7-10 each and every day kills all desire or inclination to blog. Boo. :[

All change (again)

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This time last week I made a cryptic reference to stuff that might be happening here in chez Jem – because I know how much people like cryptic posts and don’t find them in the least bit annoying ;) Well, I think I’m probably OK… read full entry →

I hate thinking up titles

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If you’re a super duper smartypants you may remember that I recently alluded to some things happening here that would hopefully be the catalyst for a positive change in my daily routine. Yes indeedy, as of Monday (yesterday) Karl started working part time: that is,… read full entry →

Self-employment 6 months on: the good, the bad & the ugly

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It’s roughly 6 months since I registered as self-employed and told my mostly-fantastic (he’d kick me for the mostly part) boss of 6 years that I was going to leave. Now’s as good a time as any to give you an update on how that’s… read full entry →

Time Management

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One of my big worries about working from home is the discipline required to achieve everything I need to do with the numerous distractions at home. While Oliver is small and sleeps or feeds most of the day, I have three full days for coding… read full entry →

Epic Life-changing News

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I recently made a decision which will almost certainly change the course of my life forever. I quit my job. It wasn’t in my long term plan — with 2 kids I’d previously dismissed working for myself as impractical and risky — but thanks to… read full entry →