I want to code

I’m sat at my laptop — nothing new there — with a work todo list as long as my arm because I did very little in the last week (feeling poop) and all I want to do is code.

“But Jem, you’re a web developer, work is code?!” I hear you cry.

I don’t want to code work. I want to code fun. I want sit down and knock up a throwaway site or a dodgy new layout or a half-arsed script for no reason other than to get it out there. I want to write a 3000 word tutorial on some pointless technique that only 3 people with actually need in the entire time it remains live on the web. I want to do something for me, that doesn’t involve earning money, building a portfolio, or pressure and scope and budgets.

But every time the cogs start turning, that work todo list rears its ugly head and that teeny tiny spark of passion is lost.


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  1. Raison717 said:

    I have no idea how to code but I do know what work to do lists feel like. Maybe fit a bit of non money making coding in after you’ve crossed something off the list to lift your spirits even further?

    Or fuck it all for another day x

  2. Vera said:

    Oh, I know that feeling exactly!

    Even though I love my work, and I find it interesting too… I still think about coding random apps. My latest brain child is to make an app that helps me keep track of expenses and daily schedules during trips. I currently have some 10 different little notebooks with relevant info, heh.

    But once I sit down, and start to code it… and when I get up an day has passed with me tinkering around on some minor bug. And then I forget about the project for months on end precisely because I end up “losing” an entire day with insignificant details like that :P

  3. Amy said:

    That’s the only problem with having a job doing something you love doing – you have to have restrictions on your passion. And not having free time is the worst – I know the feeling.

  4. Arwen said:

    I get those fleeting moments every once in a while, but since I’ve been out of the website building game for so long and things have gotten a lot more fancy since I coded regularly, all I get the whims to do are to make some fancy photoshop graphics and make a horribly non-cross-browser-compliant website a-la-2004.

    I hope you’re able to satisfy your whims. :)