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Thoughts on #revolutionconf

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I went to my first ever web conference today. I know, working on/with the web for over 10 years and it’s taking me this long to get out and meet people! I met some fantastic, funny and smart people, not to mention some friends who… read full entry →

5 ways to profit from blogging without advertising

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I actually wanted to name this post “5 ways to profit from blogging without sticking great big flashy advertising banners all over it or pretending you love krill oil” but I decided that was probably a little too long. However, I do have some genuine… read full entry →

5 reasons to go self-hosted with your blog

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If you weren’t convinced by my 5 reasons NOT to go self-hosted with your blog post, or indeed need a little shove to the world of self-hosting, here are my 5 reasons to go self-hosted with your blog: 1. Your service provider is unlikely to… read full entry →

5 reasons NOT to go self-hosted with your blog

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I’ve seen a lot of fuss over the past month or so about (parent) bloggers who ‘have’ to go from a or Blogger account to a self-hosted blog. As a web developer, it’s obviously in my best interest for there to be lots of… read full entry →

Rainbow Sock Monkey

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I’ve been struggling to think of something to buy for Oliver’s birthday present. What do you buy for the boy who already has it all (by way of a sister with a large quantity of toys, books etc). I’ve asked relatives who enquired to buy… read full entry →

Identity Crisis

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I’m having a blog identity crisis. My blog turned 11 years old at the end of last month. Eleven years of writing, recording, growing, maturing – some of it is lost but the majority of which is here for everyone to see, read, judge. Instead… read full entry →

Food, Fussiness and Intolerances

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I read a post on Frugal Queen‘s blog last month where she answered reader’s questions. One question asked how she kept everyone in the family happy when there were lots of mouths to feed. FQ’s response was typical “it’s not happened to me so it… read full entry →

Why are people idolising this picture?

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I have seen this picture doing the rounds on Facebook recently, mostly among parents who hail it as the right kind of thinking, not sexist, none of this “boys is blue, girls is pink” crap (which ironically LEGO embrace these days, sigh): Now, don’t get… read full entry →

How not to do blogger outreach

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I think I’ve probably mentioned before that I get a lot of PR / “blogger outreach” emails. There’s something about having squeezed a baby out of your nethers that makes companies think you’re happy to hawk their wares. Most of these mails go straight to… read full entry →

Free Our Kids project

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I’ve been watching the Free Our Kids project with some interest over the past few weeks and my feelings are a mixture of ‘hoorah’ (for the effort) and a smug ‘so what?!’ I don’t mean to be smug, really. I am genuinely interested in what… read full entry →

That time of year…

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I know when cold and flu season is approaching for one rather unique reason… Hits to a rather, er.. “interesting” old post of mine fly through the roof. I have to say, if men suffer from sore testicles when they get a cold, it’s no… read full entry →

Update on Jamie Timbre

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Following on from my post on Jamie Timbre’s fraudulent attempts to sell tickets to seminars that don’t exist I have a few updates. I’ve officially lost count of how many fake profiles are associated with Timbre’s fan page. Thankfully, Facebook is fantastic at removing them… read full entry →