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Of course it’s a brilliant idea to decide to revive your neglected blog by taking part in National Blog Posting Month despite having absolutely craploads of work to do, 2 personal projects to launch, your portfolio site to do-over and countless other things including cleaning the manky house and getting the garden prepped for winter (said nobody ever).

And yet here I am….

Given past experience I know for a fact I’ll probably run out of blog post ideas by about week two and start spamming my blog with cat pictures, so if you’ve any burning desire to see me write about a specific topic or possibly a follow-up to any previous posts please feel free to make requests.

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6 comments so far

  1. Vera said:

    I couldn’t agree more. Want to do it myself… especially now that my PC is in service, and I only have my parents netbook, which is much slower than what I’m used to.


  2. Kelly said:

    Random abbreviation explanation month is always fun (until recently I thought NaBloPoMo was a type of Mexican snack).

    Other than that updates on the tiddlypeeps is always welcomed.

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