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Kick up the arse: update #1

 |  Budgeting

As promised, I’m documenting my progress following my big kick up the arse

This week I:

  • Unlocked my online banking account
  • Entered nearly 4 months worth of transaction data into YNAB
  • Paid in both a cheque (which I’m notoriously lazy about) and some cash (which I’ve never done before, I just spend notes!)

So, numbers back on track. Now just to finish a project. Hmm…

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  1. Carly said:

    Do you recommend YNAB? Is it working for you? It sounds like a dream come true for me. I’m literally living like the first example… one moment I’m getting paid £500 by a client thinking I’m rich, spending it and then screaming “ah, shit, bills” the next moment.


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