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3 things I wish I could tell 13 year old me

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As I rapidly approach my 30th birthday I seem to spend more and more time thinking about things that have already happened. I don’t like to live in the past, and I’m not one for dwelling on regrets, but I think it’s important to recognise where we’ve come from and the things we’ve done, so that we can learn from our experiences. That said, life would be so much easier if our future self could get in touch and guide us with the benefit of experience. So what would I have told my 13 year old self if I could?

Never settle for making do
If you have any doubt, any nagging feeling that you’re making the wrong choices, if what you’re doing isn’t making (or going to make) you happy long term, sort it out.

You shouldn’t settle for bad relationships, bad jobs, bad clients or bad habits. Changing things is scary, yes. But fear should be a motivator – a catalyst for change – not a reason to accept the status quo.

You have a right to a voice
Speak up about everything that bothers you. From the mundane to the massive. The quicker you use your words, the faster you can make things happen – be that for you or for those who can’t speak for themselves for whatever reason.

Despite how it feels right now, things will get better
Hold on for the happiness, because you WILL discover it. Eventually.

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  1. Jem said:

    Excellent advice. Tell it to 13 yr old me too please? 30 is awesome…or at least it was for me. A bit like learning what really good sex is after a lot of mediocre sex, or ice cream…you get the gist.

    Honestly, I think my 20’s were all about thinking of what other people thought of me, after 30 I dont care as much.

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