Oh Bugger (Budgeting Fail)

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I made a terrible, terrible mistake in June.

I ignored my budget, forgot to check my online banking statements regularly, and made a big ‘luxury’ purchase (last minute half week “glamping” break) in the same month as a big necessary purchase (car tax). What with that, bills, childcare, mortgage, new shoes for Isabel etc my bank balance was officially lower yesterday than the day before pay day. I am in my overdraft at the beginning of the month for the first time ever.

I’m telling you this because a) it proves that even the most frugal of us make stupid, stupid mistakes sometimes, and b) because I need the accountability and the kick up the arse to motivate myself to go back into mega-frugal mode… the kind of frugal I rocked when I was on maternity leave. Meal plans, packed lunches, budgets, spreadsheets: you name it, I’m on it.

It’s too late to cancel the glamping break and get my money back but I’ve (sadly) dropped 2 ongoing payments to WAHMs for work on WAHMweb, put a crapload of maternity clothes and shoes up for sale, and resolved to cancel a bunch more domains. It’s not going to make me any money — that’s another topic altogether — but it’s a start. August WILL start better than this.

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  1. Mumblies said:

    I am certain that you will sort this out :)
    it takes a lot of budgeting to start off with. Those that should pay incomings are paying what they should and chase up on any that owe – time to be ruthless and stop playing nice.

  2. Raisa said:

    I’m not a very good health motivator, but maybe I can be your financial motivator? Track every penny! What’s your grocery budget? Pet budget? Average monthly expenses, etc. I think if you post some numbers, you’ll get some good advice.

    Hmm and how’s your phone plan? That might be another way to cut down costs. Do you have any credit cards with rewards? How open are you to couponing?

    Sorry if you’ve posted these before. I haven’t seen them yet!

    • Jem said:

      Budget is a bit off kilter since I split from Karl so I don’t have exact numbers (part of my problem!) but I normally am good at keeping track of everything and doing ultimate frugal shops.

      I use coupons already, don’t have any credit cards, only top up my phone every other month etc. This was just plain stupidity that got me into this month’s mess.

  3. Tony said:

    Shoot a ‘girls in dev’ calendar. All the pervs will buy it, and you’ll be rich by Christmas. Maybe.