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My own worst critic

 |  Fitness, Personal

After yesterday’s moan about my lack of weight loss/improved fitness despite all the extra activities I’m doing, I went for my Wednesday run (bootcamp session) and came back feeling pretty damn hot about myself (this was rapidly killed when I buckled another wheel but more about that another day).

In doing last night’s bootcamp and thinking about my ‘performance’ I realised that I *have* made improvements:

  • When I started running again earlier this year I couldn’t do more than 3km, but recently ran just shy of 10km
  • My leg muscles ARE clearly more toned/defined even when I’m relaxed and not deliberately flexing them to show off ;)
  • My arm muscles are more toned/defined – I guess as a side effect of moving them during running and also the weighted workouts during 30 day shred
  • When we do the bootcamp sessions on Wednesday, we often split into 3 groups to do activities; one group does 10 reps of whatever thing we’re doing, one does 7 and one does 5; until last night I would have done the 5 group and been dead, but last night I did the 7 and (it’s not a race, but…) finished first out of the group and still had plenty of energy for uphill laps of the field.
  • Last week I ran the route that I used to do before I joined the jogging group, and despite it being blistering hot and having not eaten properly that day, I not only DID the route at a faster pace than normal but absolutely kicked the arse of the hill that used to have me dead by half way up.

So, OK, I haven’t visibly lost any weight off my middle (which is really what I would like to achieve) but I am kicking butt. I am fitter by miles (ha ha, a pun). I have improved my running pace and increased my distance. Hopefully that means if I keep this up and see it through, I will eventually start to lose some of the weight on my tummy that’s bugging the crap out of me. Either way, here’s to a fitter me :)

P.s. I am keeping a food log if anyone wants to nag me to ditch the last of the sugar / crap out of my diet ;)

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  1. Dom said:

    In my limited experience, it usually starts off that way. Improvements begin on the inside, and only after a couple of months will you really start to notice on the outside. That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, it just means all the good stuff is happening where you can’t see it (like reduced cholesterol, more stamina, higher concentration, better sleep, etc.)

    I think I mentioned on the tweet-o-horn a few weeks ago that my OH and I have been watching our diets recently. We don’t do any more exercise than we used to, but we made a few simple changes that seem to be working:

    – No takeaways
    – No random sugary snacks at 10pm (or any time, really)
    – Low-calorie drinks (like replacing Coke with Coke Zero)
    – Replace a lot of what we’d normally eat with salads. So instead of a massive plate of spaghetti bolognese, have half a plate of spag bol and the other half crammed with salad.
    – Replace white bread and white pasta with wholemeal or brown bread/pasta
    – Try not to eat any bread/pasta/rice/potatoes

    We don’t stick it it religiously, of course, but after a couple of months I’ve lost a stone, and my OH has lost more than that. More than I even know, I think.

    Plus, once you get used to not eating so many carbs, it really isn’t that hard. So chin up, you’ll get there!

  2. Louise said:

    You are making fabulous progress Jem :-) This time last year I was running a 12 minute mile and you’re a lot younger than me! One of the things that a lot of people do when they’re running (myself included) is to come back from a run *starving* eat whatever’s to hand and then still eat your normal meals. The running doesn’t burn that many calories.
    I have recently decided to go down the protein intake after a run route. I’m sure you’ll understand for me this was a pretty big deal. But I realised that I needed more of a protein hit for recovery & to get stronger. I make my own shakes using hemp protein, which tastes fine but the colours vary from green to brown!! That said I have found that it calms down the need to stuff everything and anything down because I think I’m hungry. It’s also worthwhile considering quality hydration, especially in the hot weather. We often eat when sometimes we’re just thirsty. I’m sure something will start to work as you keep up the exercise & eat sensibly :-D

    • Jem said:

      I normally eat steak & a salad or some other variation of protein + veg after a run so I think I’m ok there, and I deliberately try not to eat to compensate the calorie burn from running, but I do know that I snack on crap occasionally which doesn’t help (especially during certain points in my cycle… I get MEGA carb/sugar cravings during ovulation!)

  3. Clem said:

    I think it’s easy to miss progress both because it’s hard to notice small changes over time, and because we’re looking for visible changes rather than changes in ability. I know people who have overlooked what they can do over how they look. Obviously, for a lot of people, changes in diet/exercise are motivated by appearance, but when you can do more things (or the same things for longer, or whatever), that is a huge indicator of progress. It sounds like you’re doing well, and I’m sure you’ll reach your goals!

  4. Kya said:

    I am glad you can see that you have made such progress and you will concur that trouble area!

    Having a food log would be a great idea to keep you motivated with the foods.

    I wish you the best. <3

  5. Raisa said:

    You’re doing very well! :D Definitely stay focused on the positives. It’s not an overnight process.

    I gained a good bit of weight over the years, and it gets me down but I try to remember that I’ve managed to lose most of it in the last year. The last five pounds are so tough though. =[

  6. Alissa said:

    I’ve started a regimen recently. The first thing I’ve done is do away with sugar completely and opted for sweetener instead. Another great home remedy my mom suggested is have a lukewarm glass of water, mix lemon and one spoonful honey in it. Stir it and take it empty stomach every morning. After finishing my work, I go out for a long brisk walk. It has helped me to shed some weight in a month or so. I’m feeling good now.

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