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Half marathon training plan

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Now that I have officially signed up to my first half marathon (so much for pacing myself and doing a 10k first) — a half marathon that actually isn’t that far away — I’ve had to come up with a “proper” half marathon training plan.

I’ve browsed and compared suggested training guides from the big names (Bupa, Runner’s World etc) and come up with something that balances my desire to continue strength work & bodyweight workouts (because they seem to have the biggest effect on my body shape) with the need to fit in as much running as I can to build up my stamina for the big day. I have plotted the following:


However, having done that, I am now wondering if I’d be better doing my strength work (which does involve squats and other leg stuff) to a Monday, to give my body chance to recover before the planned long runs on a Wednesday. The only problem with that is Mondays are a totally manic as it stands; first day back at work/school after the weekend, food to cook, washing to do, bedtimes and then it’s one of the nights I see Gaz. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me working out while he’s there but for some reason I’d feel a bit weird :/

Any runners out there with thoughts / suggestions… is this manageable?

Update 19:16: based on feedback via email & twitter I’ve tweaked my plan, putting the longer run on the Sunday morning and scaling back closer to race day a bit more. Now looks as follows:


I think, whatever happens, I’m just going to try and be as flexible as possible. Given my potential for childcare issues etc as long as I get some good long runs (~2hrs) in without being too f*cked I will probably be fine come race day. Here goes…

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  1. Louise said:

    I’m not very good at working in kilometres – but here goes….
    On a practical level you have your long run on a Wednesday and I’m assuming that you’ll be going out after work. Your longest run will take between 2hrs and 2.30hrs – it’s also going to be dark. So is that workable (and safe) for you??
    I know you mixed a couple of programmes together, did you apply the 10% rule for increasing your weekly mileage?
    I generally have a longer taper – so you’d move your longest run a week earlier and then the next week do around 8-10 miles. In the final week, I generally wouldn’t run more than 3 or 4 miles at a time.
    Finally and this doesn’t relate to your plan!! Some long distance runners prefer to wear shoes with more cushioning for distances over 10km (something like the Brooks Puredrift might suit), you may find that you get sore feet and run the risk of injury. Maybe worth a thought :-)
    But most of all Jem – go for it!! And good luck :-D

    • Jem said:

      Good point about it getting dark. Although from next week I can go straight into my long run at about 5:30, that still means it’s going to be dark by the time I finish. I only have my reflective vest thingy at the minute to ensure I don’t get run over!

      I guess I could do my long run early on Sunday morning, which would mean I’d have the rest day either side too. That makes more sense!

      re: shoes – my feet generally feel fine at 10-11k in my current shoes, so I’ll see how I get on. I’m such a fussy bugger when it comes to shoes I’m not sure I want to risk running in something less than perfect! :X

  2. Katherine said:

    Hey Girl! :D

    I’m so proud of you for working out a half-marathon plan! Besides working on my elliptical I haven’t considered doing another race/marathon type thing (also because ellipticals aren’t very good for distance training anyway… lols).

    The only thing that concerns me is your strength training, how much weight do you work with and how many reps do you tend to do? I’m only concerned because since you are working at home if you tend to use high weight/low rep style workouts you stand a chance of really injuring yourself, and with low weight/high rep workouts sometimes we can push ourselves too far when working on our own and can sprain something accidentally. Have you had anyone look over your posture and technique to make sure you aren’t putting to much strain on your back when doing squats and the like?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still stoked about how well you are doing, I just don’t want you to accidentally get injured, I know the longer I tend to work out the more I’m likely to slouch because I get tired, and having William there to tell me to “tuck my butt back under” is helpful! :)

    Totes love and adoration!

    • Jem said:

      Currently working with 6kg dumbbells – workout varies because I can’t seem to stick to one :P but generally involves goblet squats, bent over dumbbell rows, bicep curls. Obviously I’m at home not a gym so no, nobody to check form, but I keep a close eye on it myself and compare it to pro vids on youtube etc. I stop as soon as I feel my form is slipping (I think less with good form is better than lots with bad form).

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