Peer Pressure

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I may have just been bullied into committing to running a half marathon.

In December.

Despite having only done one short run since I injured my foot.

WTF have I done…

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  1. Helen said:

    Absolutely nothing at all, you will be fine.

    I ran two half marathons in October 2011. I’d been really looking forward to running a sub 2 and intended to work really hard. Alas, disaster struck and I too, hurt my foot. My long run was 8 miles, I ran only once a week and I completed in 2.18ish. All things considered, I was pleased.

    My point is, you will be fine. You’ve done a 10k, it’s not such a leap. You’ve got grit and determination. Ok, the foot is injured, take it easy and it will recover. I know it’s hard time wise, especially with everything you do, but if you possibly can, try and get in a cross training session, even if it means sacrificing one of your weekly runs. It’ll help to build strength and endurance, whilst giving your foot a break.

    I look forward to reading in December how you kicked that half marathon’s arse!

    • Jem said:

      Thanks Helen – your encouragement is exactly what I needed! I am hoping that I can just up the effort on my current routine and it’ll see me through (currently do one bodyweight workout + 2 runs per week, with some weight lifting mixed in for variety and muscle building). I think for me the main thing will be just finishing the half, even if I have to walk most of it ;)

  2. Kristine said:

    How’s the Sugar-Free September going for you? I ask because well.. I gave up completely after I succumbed to making my fave coffee shops in the city my go-to place to study for hours on end. There’s endless pastries here. :P

    Also, do rest before training for that half-marathon. DO NOT STRAIN/SPRAIN YOURSELF FURTHER. And good on you for joining even if it was peer pressure… This is a good thing to take part in. :)